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Lordi - To Beast or Not to Beast (2013)

Lordi - To Beast or Not to Beast (2013)

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1. "We're Not Bad for the Kids (We're Worse)"   3:23

2. "I Luv Ugly"   3:47

3. "The Riff"   3:44

4. "Something Wicked This Way Comes"   4:57

5. "I'm the Best"   3:14

6. "Horrifiction"   3:28

7. "Happy New Fear"   4:45

8. "Schizo Doll"   4:34

9. "Candy for the Cannibal"   4:42

10. "Sincerely with Love"   3:13

11. "SCG6: Otus' Butcher Clinic"   3:23

Total length:   43:10

Japanese bonus track

12. "Hulking Dynamo"   3:03

Total length:   46:13


This album breaks from the Lordi tradition of having the first track being an SCG track; the SCG track on this album is instead the final track.

It also breaks tradition with the album title. In all their previous albums, the album title is also the title of one of the songs (Bend Over and Pray the Lord, Get Heavy, Deadache, Babez for Breakfast) or the title is part of the lyrics in a song somewhere on the album (The Monsterican Dream are lyrics in "Blood Red Sandman" and The Arockalypse are lyrics in "Hard Rock Hallelujah"). This album, however, does not contain a song called To Beast or Not to Beast, nor is it anywhere in the lyrics for any of the songs.

The album title was originally planned to be "Monsterial Phonica". But after Kiss released their album "Monster", Mr. Lordi thought that their album's name was too close to that so the band changed it to be "Upgradead". However, the band did not consider it an A-class name. Just few months before the release of the album, Amen came up with the final title, which the band felt suitable and perfect.

Lordi Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits

Mr Lordi – vocals, artwork

Amen – guitars, backing vocals

Mana – drums

OX – bass

Hella – keyboards, backing vocals

Michael Wagener – production, mixing, mastering, backing vocals

Shani Gandhi – engineering

Petri Haggrén – photography

Otus – drums (11)

Mark Slaughter – backing vocals

Terry LeRoi – backing vocals

Jeremy Asbrock – backing vocals

Clay Vann – backing vocals

Tracy Lipp – backing vocals

Ralph Ruiz – backing vocals

To Beast or Not to Beast is the sixth studio album of Finnish hard rock band Lordi, released on 1 March 2013. As is traditional for the band, their costumes were renewed again for the release of this album. The album was produced and mixed by Michael Wagener and engineered by Shani Gandhi. It is the first album to feature members Mana and Hella. It also marks the first and only appearance of former drummer Otus, who died in 2012.

In Germany the album was released in digipak covers. The album has been released as LP version in EMP store.

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