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Jerusalem Slim - Jerusalem Slim (1992)

Jerusalem Slim - Jerusalem Slim (1992)

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Rock n' Roll Degeneration – 4.17
Dead Man – 4.44
Attitude Adjustment – 5.00
Hundred Proof Love – 5.07
Criminal Instinct – 3.45
Lethal Underground – 5.36
Teenage Nervous Breakdown – 3.05 (Nazareth-cover)
Gotta Get A Hold – 4.59
The World Is Watching – 5.14
Rock'N'Roll Degeneration – 3.55 (Demo)
Teenage Nervous Breakdown – 3.32 (Demo)
Scum Lives On – 4.46

Jerusalem Slim Band Members / Musicians / Album Credits
Albumilla soittavat
Michael Monroe - laulu, saksofoni
Steve Stevens - kitara, basso
Sam Yaffa - basso
Greg Ellis - rummut
Ian McLagan - piano

Jerusalem Slim on Jerusalem Slim-yhtyeen ainoaksi jäänyt levytys, joka julkaistiin vuonna 1992. Albumin tuotti Michael Wagener.

Jerusalem Slim was a Finnish-American band that was active in 1991-92. However, the band ended its activities when guitarist Steve Stevens and singer Michael Monroe drifted into severe musical conflicts. The group had time to release one album called Jerusalem Slim before breaking up . Michael WagenerThe album produced by was released only in Japan, and Monroe, Yaffa and even Stevens have covered it. Demos of the songs Gotta Get A Hold, Final Word, Downwardly Mobile, Lights Out, Delirious and Teenage Nervous Breakdown have also been released later. They sound much more like classic rock than the actual album, and Monroe has said that Stevens' playing style during the demos would have made a very good album in his opinion.

After the band broke up even before the release of the album, Monroe and Yaffa played with Little Steven and Jay Hening in New York clubs, mostly playing punk covers. This band later became Demolition 23.

The band's drummer was originally supposed to be Thommy Price, but at Stevens' request, he was replaced by Greg Ellis.

Jerusalem Slim Band Members / Musicians
Michael Monroe – vocals
Steve Stevens – guitar, bass
Sam Yaffa – bass
Greg Ellis – drums
Ian McLagan – piano

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