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Elbow - Cast of Thousands (2003)

Elbow - Cast of Thousands (2003)

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1. "Ribcage"   6:27
2. "Fallen Angel"   4:07
3. "Fugitive Motel"   5:51
4. "Snooks (Progress Report)"   4:00
5. "Switching Off"   5:05
6. "Not a Job"   4:23
7. "I've Got Your Number"   4:48
8. "Buttons and Zips"   3:57
9. "Crawling with Idiot"   4:41
10. "Grace Under Pressure"   4:57
11. "Flying Dream 143"   1:48
"Snooks (Progress Report)" takes its name from blind blues singer and guitarist Snooks Eaglin

Japanese version bonus tracks
12. "Whisper Grass" (B-side of "Fallen Angel" CD1 in the UK)   4:29
13. "Brave New Shave" (B-side of "Fallen Angel" CD2 in the UK)   3:47

Cast of Thousands is the 2nd studio album by English rock band Elbow, released on 18 August 2003 in the UK and on 27 January 2004 in the US by V2 Records. The album title refers to the song "Grace Under Pressure", whose refrain was recorded live at the Glastonbury Festival in 2002, as sung by the audience during the band's set. Participants were then invited to register their names at the Elbow website, with all responders gaining a 'credit' on the album sleeve. The US version of the album contains two additional songs: "Whisper Grass" (which was a B-side to first single "Fallen Angel") and "Lay Down Your Cross" (a B-side to third single "Not a Job"). The Japanese version includes "Whisper Grass" and "Brave New Shave" (another "Fallen Angel" B-side) as bonus tracks.

A companion film was also produced in conjunction with the album's release. It features footage set to all 11 tracks on the UK version of the album, as well as the music videos for the singles "Fallen Angel" and "Fugitive Motel". In the UK the film was released on DVD, whereas in the US it was released as an enhanced video bonus disc with the album.

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