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Joaquín Sabina - Esta boca es mía (This Mouth is Mine) (1994)

Joaquín Sabina - Esta boca es mía (This Mouth is Mine) (1994)

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1 Esta noche contigo (Tonight with you)   4:50

2 Por el bulevar de los sueños rotos (By the boulevard of broken dreams)   4:03

3 Incluso en estos tiempos (Even in these times)   2:53

4 Siete crisantemos (Seven chrysantemums)   5:14

5 Besos con sal (Salty kisses)   3:50

6 Ruido (Noise)   4:27

7 El blues de lo que pasa en mi escalera (The blues of what happens in the stairs of my apartment building)   4:50

8 Como un explorador (Just like a explorer)   3:26

9 Mujeres fatal (Fatal women)   4:40

10 Ganas de... (I feel like...)   3:20

11 La casa por la ventana (Spending all what they have)   4:27

12 Más de cien mentiras (More than a thousand lies)   6:43

13 Esta boca es mía (This is what I stand for)   3:02

Esta Boca es Mía (literally translated, This mouth Is mine, more accurate meaning: This Is What I Stand For) is the 9th studio album of the Spanish singer-songwriter Joaquín Sabina released in 1994, two years after the release of his previous album Física y química. This album didn't reach the same level of popularity and commercial success of his previous release, however, it reached good sales and also gave some hit songs and favorable reviews.

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