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Joaquín Sabina - Mentiras piadosas (Pious Lies) (1990)

Joaquín Sabina - Mentiras piadosas (Pious Lies) (1990)

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1. "Eclipse de mar (Sea eclipse)"   04:15

2. "Pobre Cristina (Poor Christina)"   04:30

3. "Y si amanece por fin (And if finally sun rises)"   04:38

4. "El muro de Berlín (The Berlin wall)"   04:18

5. "Mentiras piadosas (Pious lies)"   03:35

6. "Con un par (With a pair of balls)"   05:14

7. "Corre, dijo la tortuga (Run, said the turtle)"   04:12

8. "Con la frente marchita (With a destroyed pride)"   05:01

9. "Ataque de tos (Coughing Fit)"   04:03

10. "Medias negras (Black socks)"   04:49

11. "Ponme un trago más (Serve me one more drink)"   04:17

12. "A ti que te lo haces (For you, the one who enjoys that way)"   04:17

Mentiras piadosas (English: Pious lies) is the 7th studio album released by the Spanish singer-songwriter Joaquín Sabina which was released in 1990, two years.

After his previous release. This album is considered by Sabina and by the sabiners, his fans as a transition album from his early career to his maturity as an artist.

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