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Amaral - Salto al color (2019)

Amaral - Salto al color (2019)

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1. "Ondas Do Mar De Vigo" (Waves of the Sea of Vigo)   1:52

2. "Mares Igual Que Tú" (Seas Just Like You)   3:39

3. "Señales" (Signs)   3:05

4. "Nuestro Tiempo" (Our Time)   3:13

5. "Bien Alta La Mirada" (Head Held High)   3:03

6. "Peces de Colores" (Colorful Fish)   2:55

7. "Tambores de la Rebelión" (Drums of Rebellion)   2:55

8. "Soledad" (Solitude)   3:13

9. "Juguetes Rotos" (Broken Toys)   3:38

10. "Ruido" (Noise)   2:49

11. "Lluvia" (Rain)   3:25

12. "Entre la Multitud" (Amongst the Crowd)   3:45

13. "Halconera" (Falconer)   2:26

Salto al color is the 8th studio album by the Spanish band Amaral. The songs were composed by Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre except "Ondas Do Mar De Vigo", which was composed by Martin Códax. Eva Amaral, who sings and plays the guitar, and Juan Aguirre, who plays acoustic, electric and Portuguese guitars, both took charge of the production. The programming was by Eva Amaral, Juan Aguirre, Amit Kewalramani and Pablo Gareta. The keyboard and piano is played by Tomás Virgós while Chris Taylor and Ricardo Esteban both play the banjo. The percussion is by Tino di Geraldo and Álex Moreno, the latter of whom also plays the drums. The album also features a string orchestra, which was recorded at Angel Recording Studios in London.

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