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Amaral - Hacia lo salvaje (2011)

Amaral - Hacia lo salvaje (2011)

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1. "Hacia lo salvaje" (Into the wild)   4:14
2. "Antártida" (Antarctica)   4:16
3. "Si las calles pudieran hablar" (If the streets could talk)   3:02
4. "Esperando un resplandor" (Waiting for a light)   3:03
5. "Robin Hood"   3:07
6. "Riazor"   4:06
7. "Montaña rusa" (Rollercoaster)   3:09
8. "Olvido" (Forgetting)   3:11
9. "Cuando suba la marea" (When the tide rises)   4:25
10. "Como un martillo en la pared" (Like a hammer in the wall)   2:58
11. "Hoy es el principio del final" (Today is the start of the end)   4:13
12. "Van como locos" (They go like madmen)   3:32

Hacia lo salvaje (Into the wild) is the 6th studio album by the Spanish band Amaral. The songs were recorded in the duo's Madrid studio by Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre, with the participation of Toni Toledo and Chris Taylor. The production was undertaken by Juan de Dios Martín, Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre. Antonio Escobar was the synthesizer programmer. The album was mixed and mastered in New York by Michael Brauer in Electric Lady and Greg Calbi in Sterling Sound. It was the first album published under the new label created by the duo, Antártida, which was named after the song that the band were currently working on when they realised that they had not yet given their new label a name. Acoustic versions of all the songs were also recorded and released as bonus material.

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