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Amaral - Gato negro◆Dragón rojo (double album) (2008)

Amaral - Gato negro◆Dragón rojo (double album) (2008)

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Gato negro (CD1)

Tarde de domingo rara (Rare Sunday afternoon)
La barrera del sonido (The sound barrier)
Las chicas de mi barrio (The girls in my neighbourhood)
Esta noche (Tonight)
Las puertas del infierno (The gates of hell)
Gato negro (Black cat)
Rock & Roll

Dragón rojo (CD2)

Perdóname (Forgive me)
Alerta (Alert)
El blues de la generación perdida (Blues of the lost generation)
De carne y hueso (Of flesh and blood)
Dragón rojo (Red dragon)
Es sólo una canción (It's only a song)
El artista del alambre (The wire artist)
Deprisa (Quickly)
Doce palabras (Twelve words)

iTunes edition
El artista del alambre (acoustic)

Gato negro dragón rojo (English: Black cat-red dragon, also stylised as: Gato negro◆dragón rojo) is the 5th studio album by the Spanish folk rock group Amaral. It was released in Spain in 2008. Recording and album mastering was completed on 25 April 2008. The album contains Juan Aguirre's first contribution as lead vocalist, on the track "Es sólo una canción". 

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