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Barrabás - Barrabás (1977)

Barrabás - Barrabás (1977)

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"Swinger" (Fernando Arbex) – 4:55
"Movin' On" (Ernesto Duarte) – 4:30
"Turn Me Love" (Enrique Morales) – 4:48
"Oldie" (Duarte, E. Morales, Miguel Morales) – 5:10
"Week End" (E. Morales, M. Morales) – 4:42
"Do It" (M. Morales) – 4:09
"Sweet and Mellow" (E. Morales) – 4:48
"Love Is in the Air" (M. Morales) – 4:10

Barrabás Band Members / Musicians
José Luís Tejada – lead vocals on tracks 1–3
Enrique "Ricky" Morales – lead guitar, backing vocals
Miguel Morales – guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on track 8
Ernesto "Tito" Duarte – saxophone, flute, percussion, bass guitar
Juan Vidal – keyboards, backing vocals
Daniel Louis – drums, percussion
Herbie Mann – flute on track 1
Michael Brecker – saxophone on track 6
Ray Gomez – guitar on track 2
Produced by Fernando Arbex
Recorded at Atlantic Studios, New York

Barrabás is the 6th album by the Spanish group Barrabás, released in 1977. It was the last album before the group's four-year hiatus, and the last to feature several band members including Ricky Morales, Juan Vidal and Daniel Louis. American jazz musician Herbie Mann featured in the recording of the album, after his hit cover of Barrabás' song "Hi Jack", which was released earlier that year. Also appearing was American saxophonist Michael Brecker.

The album is sometimes known as Swinger, after the opening track. The album was later re-released on CD as Watch-Out with a similar sleeve, but is not related to the other Barrabás album of that name, the 1975 release, Watch Out.

"Swinger" / "Week End" was released as a single. 

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