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Barrabás - Piel de Barrabás (1981)

Barrabás - Piel de Barrabás (1981)

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"On the Road Again" (Fernando Arbex) – 5:52

"What's Happened" (Arbex, Jorge Eduardo Maning) – 4:04

"Hard Line for a Dreamer" (Arbex, Jesús Moll, José María Moll) – 4:45

"Please Mr Reagan, Please Mr Breznev" (Arbex) – 5:53

"Wild Cat" (Arbex) – 4:49

"Jeronimo" (Arbex) – 5:20

"Be the Way to Be" (Arbex, Jesús Gordaliza) – 3:39

"Laura" (Arbex, Moll, Moll) – 5:02

Barrabás Band Members / Musicians

José Luis Tejada – vocals, harmonica

Jorge Eduardo "Koky" Maning – guitar, vocals

Jesús "Susy" Gordaliza – bass guitar, vocals

Ernesto "Tito" Duarte - saxophone, flute, percussion

Armando Pelayo – keyboards

José María Moll – drums, vocals

Nani Prosper, Naomi Hussey, Mari Jamison, Paula Nerea – chorus vocals

Fernando Arbex, Jordi Soley – production
Engineer – Luís Calleja
Mixed by Jame Rathbone
Photography – Peter Müller
Design – Juan Aboli
Recorded at Kirios Studios, Madrid

Spain – Discos Columbia (RCA) TXS-3214
Disconforme DISC 1996CD (2000 CD, re-released 2004)

Piel de Barrabás is a 1981 music album by the Spanish group Barrabás. It was the band's seventh album and the first after the band's four-year break. It marked the return of drummer José María Moll, and the arrival of new members Armando Pelayo, Susy Gordaliza and Koky Maning.

A song inspired by the Cold War, "Please Mr Reagan, Please Mr Breznev", was released as a single in some countries, with "Laura" as the B-side. "On the Road Again" was also a single, with "Hard Line for a Dreamer" as the B-side, and this reached #9 in the Swiss charts.

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