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Barrabás - ¡Soltad a Barrabás! (1974)

Barrabás - ¡Soltad a Barrabás! (1974)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Hi-Jack" (Fernando Arbex) – 5:46

"Mad Love" (Arbex) – 4:15

"Funky Baby" (Enrique Morales, Miguel Morales) – 3:56

"Lady Love" (E. Morales) – 4:14

"Susie Wong" (Arbex) – 4:32

"Humanity" (José María Moll, Jesús Moll) – 3:24

"Tell Me the Thing" (Ernesto Duarte) – 3:18

"Fly Away" (M. Morales, José Luís Tejada) – 4:26

"Concert" (E. Morales, M. Morales, David Waterston) – 4:15

Barrabás Band Members / Musicians

José Luís Tejada – lead vocals (1, 2, 5–9)

Enrique "Ricky" Morales – lead and acoustic guitars, lead (3 & 4) and backing vocals

Miguel Morales – bass guitar, acoustic guitar, lead (3 & 4) and backing vocals

Ernesto "Tito" Duarte – saxophone, flute, percussion, drums

Juan Vidal – keyboards

José María Moll – drums

"The Waters" (Maxine, Julia & Patti) – backing vocals

Produced by Fernando Arbex

Recorded at MGM Polydor Studios, Hollywood

Sound engineer – Humberto Gatica

Sleeve design – Miquel A. López Parras

¡Soltad a Barrabás! is the 3rd album by the Spanish group Barrabás, released in 1974. The album was originally released as Release Barrabás or Hi-Jack in some other countries, but the modern CD release retains the Spanish title. It was the first album recorded outside their native Spain.

"Hi-Jack" / "Lady Love" was released as a single, reached № 1 in Spain, but only made the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Charts in the U.S., peaking as high as No. 104 over there, however , the song was successfully covered by American jazz musician Herbie Mann in 1975, in which his version became the much bigger hit success in the U.S.

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