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Creeper - Sex, Death & the Infinite Void (2020)

Creeper - Sex, Death & the Infinite Void (2020)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Hallelujah!"   0:46
2. "Be My End"   2:39
3. "Born Cold"   2:57
4. "Cyanide"   3:27
5. "Celestial Violence"   0:18
6. "Annabelle"   3:49
7. "Paradise"   3:49
8. "Poisoned Heart"   3:28
9. "Thorns of Love"   3:22
10. "Four Years Ago"   3:25
11. "Holy War"   0:22
12. "Napalm Girls"   3:34
13. "The Crown of Life"   0:07
14. "Black Moon"   3:35
15. "All My Friends"   2:48
16. "Be More Careful With Your Heart"   1:08

Total length:   40:10

Creeper Band Members / Musicians

Will Gould – lead vocals
Ian Miles – guitar
Oliver Burdett – guitar
Sean Scott – bass guitar
Hannah Greenwood – keyboards, backing vocals
Dan Bratton – drums

Xandy Barry – production, mixing, engineering, orchestral arrangements and programming
Timothy Williams - orchestral arrangements and programming
Wally Gagel - mixing
Spike Stent - mixing
Redah Haddioui - mix assistant, engineering
Matt Wolach - mix assistant
Richard Woodcroft - engineering
Andrew Lappin - engineering
Pete Lyman – mastering
Stuart Hawkes - mastering on track 4

Andy Pritchard - layout
Demon Dance - design of the 'Descending Angel'
Billy Howard Price - photos
Additional Personnel

Patricia Morrison- Voice of Annabelle

Sex, Death & the Infinite Void is the 2nd studio album by the English rock band Creeper, released on 31 July 2020 by Roadrunner Records. The album was produced by Wax Ltd's Xandy Barry.

Unlike the band's previous album, which was described as horror punk, this album takes influence from Roy Orbison, David Bowie, as well as Britpop and 1970s' British rock and roll. Like the band's first album, Eternity, in Your Arms, it is categorised as a concept album, this time about the story of an angel who falls from grace as he experiences love for the first time. The story takes place in a small Californian town inspired by Dunsmuir, as well as the TV show Twin Peaks. Each of the singles' music videos is built around the album's narrative.

It is also the final release with the drummer Dan Bratton, who left the band in September 2020 for undisclosed reasons. 

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