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Rollins Band - Hard Volume (1989)

Rollins Band - Hard Volume (1989)

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"Hard" – 4:06
"What Have I Got" – 4:58
"I Feel Like This" – 4:26
"Planet Joe" – 4:18
"Love Song" – 6:22
"Turned Inside Out" – 6:24
"Down and Away" – 8:20
"Joy Riding with Frank" - 32:04

Rollins Band Band Members / Musicians
Henry Rollins – vocals
Chris Haskett – guitar
Andrew Weiss – bass
Sim Cain – drums, percussion

Theo Van Rock – producer, mixing
Rae DiLeo – mixing
George Marino – mastering (1999 remaster)
Wally Traugott – mastering (1989 original)
Jeff Aguila – design

Hard Volume is the 2nd studio album by American rock band Rollins Band, released in 1989. It was reissued with previously unreleased tracks in 1999 through Buddah Records.

The original CD release contained a 32-minute jam on the Velvet Underground outtake "Move Right In," titled "Joy Riding with Frank." The track was recorded live in Linz, Austria, during the band's 1988 tour. The 1999 remastered edition replaced this track with six studio tracks: three from the album session at Echo Sound in Los Angeles in December 1988, and three from a demo session recorded in July 1988 at Graphic Studios in New Jersey.

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