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Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding (1998)

Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding (1998)


Original track listing

1. "King in Crimson" Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z 4:43
2. "Chemical Wedding" Dickinson, Z 4:06
3. "The Tower" Dickinson, Z 4:45
4. "Killing Floor" Dickinson, Adrian Smith 4:29
5. "Book of Thel" Dickinson, Z, Eddie Casillas 8:13
6. "Gates of Urizen" Dickinson, Z 4:25
7. "Jerusalem" Dickinson, Z, William Blake 6:42
8. "Trumpets of Jericho" Dickinson, Z 5:59
9. "Machine Men" Dickinson, Smith 5:41
10. "The Alchemist" (Includes reprise of "Chemical Wedding".

Original pressings also include an untitled hidden track after 2 minutes of silence. It is a brief spoken piece that says: "And all this vegetable world appeared on my left foot. As a bright sandal, formed immortal of precious stones and gold. I stooped down, and bound it on. To walk forward through eternity".) Dickinson, Z 8:27

Expanded Edition

11. "Return of the King" Dickinson, Smith 5:06
12. "Real World" Dickinson, Z 3:59
13. "Confeos" (Includes the untitled hidden track found at the end of "The Alchemist" on earlier editions.) Dickinson, Z 7:35

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