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Survivor - Survivor (1979)

Survivor - Survivor (1979)


Side one

1. "Somewhere in America" Jim Peterik 5:13
2. "Can't Getcha Offa My Mind" Peterik, Frankie Sullivan 3:00
3. "Let It Be Now" Peterik, Sullivan 3:39
4. "As Soon As Love Finds Me" Dennis Keith Johnson, Peterik, Gary Smith, Sullivan 2:52
5. "Youngblood" Johnson, Peterik, Sullivan 3:31

Side two

6. "Love Has Got Me" Peterik 3:38
7. "Whole Town's Talkin'" Johnson, Peterik, Smith, Sullivan 3:32
8. "20/20" Johnson, Peterik, Smith, Sullivan 3:23
9. "Freelance" Johnson, Peterik, Sullivan 3:37
10. "Nothing Can Shake Me (From Your Love)" Peterik 4:09
11. "Whatever It Takes" Johnson, Peterik, Smith, Sullivan 3:46

12. "Rebel Girl" (bonus track on Rock Candy reissue only) Peterik, Smith 3:50

Survivor is the eponymous debut album by American rock band Survivor, recorded & released in 1979. It is their only album with original drummer Gary Smith and bassist Dennis Keith Johnson. The recording sessions, overseen by A&R executive John Kalodner, were not without difficulties. First Ron Nevison replaced Barry Mraz as producer, and then the project had to be taken to Bruce Fairbairn in Vancouver to achieve a mix that was to Kalodner's satisfaction. The album took eight months to finally be released.

The album lightly impacted the charts, managing a placement of #169 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the Spring of 1980. However, the opening track "Somewhere In America" was a regional hit in the Chicago area, and the song "Youngblood", with its dramatic guitar intro, proved to be something of a blueprint for the band's smash hit of two years later, "Eye of the Tiger".

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