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Ian Gillan Band - Future Shock (1981)

Ian Gillan Band - Future Shock (1981)


Side one

"Future Shock" (Ian Gillan, John McCoy, Bernie Tormé) – 3:06
"Night Ride Out of Phoenix" (Gillan, Colin Towns) – 5:06
"(The Ballad Of) The Lucitania Express" (Gillan, McCoy, Tormé) – 3:10
"No Laughing in Heaven" (Gillan, McCoy, Tormé, Towns, Mick Underwood) – 4:58
"Sacre Bleu" (Gillan, McCoy, Tormé) – 3:03
"New Orleans" (Frank Guida, Joseph Royster) – 2:37 (Gary U.S. Bonds cover)

Side two

"Bite the Bullet" (Gillan, Towns) – 4:50
"If I Sing Softly" (Gillan, McCoy, Tormé) – 6:10
"Don't Want the Truth" (Gillan, McCoy, Tormé) – 5:40
"For Your Dreams" (Gillan, Towns) – 5:04

1989 Re-release bonus tracks

In 1989 the album was re-released in CD format again on the Virgin label. The revised track listing featured several bonus tracks

"One for the Road" (Gillan, Towns) – 3:03
"Bad News" (Gillan, McCoy, Tormé, Underwood) – 3:08
"Take a Hold of Yourself" (Gillan, McCoy, Towns, Underwood) – 4:42
"Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.)" (Gillan, McCoy, Tormé, Towns, Underwood) – 3:13
"The Maelström (Longer Than the A Side)" (Gillan, McCoy, Tormé, Towns, Underwood) – 5:07
"Trouble" (Leiber, Stoller) – 2:39
"Your Sister's on My List" (Gillan, Towns) – 4:07
"Handles on Her Hips" (Gillan, McCoy, Tormé) – 2:10
"Higher and Higher" (Gillan, McCoy, Tormé) – 3:42
"I Might As Well Go Home (Mystic)" (Gillan, Towns) – 2:16

2007 Re-release bonus tracks

In 2007 the album was re-released in CD format again on the Edsel label. This has retrospective comments by Ian Gillan and the original artwork, plus pictures of various single picture sleeves. The revised track listing, similar to the 1989 release, had the following bonus tracks:

"Trouble" – 2:40
"Your Sister's on My List" – 4:07
"Mutually Assured Destruction" – 3:13
"The Maelström (Longer Than the A Side)" – 5:16
"Take a Hold of Yourself" – 4:42
"One for the Road" – 3:02
"Lucille" (Richard Wayne Penniman, Albert Collins) – 2:39
"Bad News" – 3:06

Other notable re-releases

In August 2012 a new collectors edition of the album was released on vinyl. The release was produced as a 12-inch hardback book, with all the lyrics, images, photos and art from the original. The records themselves are housed in black holders within the book, each in a special bag with sleeve notes detailing the story of the album. The discs were pressed at 45 rpm for clarity of sound. This edition was limited to just 1,000 copies.


Ian Gillan – lead vocals
Bernie Tormé – guitar
Colin Towns – keyboards
John McCoy – bass
Mick Underwood – drums
Production notes
Recorded and mixed at Kingsway Recorders, London, January 1981
Produced by K.R.
Engineered by Paul Watkins
Mixed by Paul Watkins, John McCoy with contributions from Colin Towns, Bernie Tormé and Mick Underwood

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