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Cutting Crew - Broadcast (1986)

Cutting Crew - Broadcast (1986)

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"Any Colour" (Nick Van Eede; Kevin Scott MacMichael) – 4:57
"One for the Mockingbird" (Van Eede) – 4:23
"I've Been in Love Before" (Van Eede) – 5:09
"Life in a Dangerous Time" (Van Eede) – 4:34
"Fear of Falling" (Van Eede; MacMichael) – 4:50
"(I Just) Died in Your Arms" (Van Eede) – 4:39
"Don't Look Back" (Van Eede; MacMichael) – 4:12
"Sahara" (Steve Boorer; Van Eede) – 4:49
"It Shouldn't Take Too Long" (Van Eede; MacMichael; Colin Farley; Martin Beedle; Mac Norman) – 4:05
"The Broadcast" (Van Eede; Chris Townsend) – 6:33

Remastered and expanded version

"Any Colour" (USA Mix) – 4:58
"One for the Mockingbird" (USA Mix) – 4:27
"I've Been in Love Before" – 5:32
"Life in a Dangerous Time" – 4:36
"Fear of Falling" – 4:55
"(I Just) Died in Your Arms (USA Mix)" – 4:46
"Don't Look Back" – 4:11
"Sahara" – 4:52
"It Shouldn't Take Too Long" – 4:05
"The Broadcast" – 6:39
"(I Just) Died in Your Arms" (12" Mix) – 6:46
"I've Been in Love Before" (Live in London) – 5:16
"The Broadcast"/"Any Colour" (Live in the USA) – 8:03
"For the Longest Time" – 4:29

Gary Barnacle – saxophone
David LeBoult, Peter Vitesse – keyboards
Jimmy Maelen – keyboards & additional percussion
Pete Birch – backing vocals

Broadcast is the debut studio album by English rock band Cutting Crew. It was first released in the United Kingdom on 22 November 1986, and was later released more widely, including in the United States on 30 July 1987 with different packaging and four remixed tracks ("Any Colour", "One for the Mockingbird", "I've Been in Love Before" and "(I Just) Died in Your Arms"), all of which were released as singles. It was the first album to be released in the US by Virgin Records' new American imprint, Virgin Records America.

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