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Tesla - The Great Radio Controversy (1989)

Tesla - The Great Radio Controversy (1989)

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1. "Hang Tough"   4:21
2. "Lady Luck"   3:39
3. "Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)"   4:41
4. "Be a Man"   4:20
5. "Lazy Days, Crazy Nights"   4:26
6. "Did It for the Money"   4:25
7. "Yesterdaze Gone"   3:43
8. "Makin' Magic"   5:03
9. "The Way It Is"    5:14
10. "Flight to Nowhere"    4:43
11. "Love Song"   5:20
12. "Paradise"   4:59
13. "Party's Over"    4:24

Tesla Band Members
Jeff Keith – vocals
Tommy Skeoch – guitars, backing vocals
Frank Hannon – guitars, piano, organ
Brian Wheat – bass, backing vocals
Troy Luccketta – drums

The Great Radio Controversy is the second album by American rock band Tesla, released in 1989. The songs combine 1980s metal with some blues-influenced elements, as well as the occasional love ballad. The record features many two-part counterpoints provided by guitarists Frank Hannon and Tommy Skeoch, on both electric and acoustic guitars.

The hit singles "Love Song", "Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)", "Hang Tough" and "The Way It Is" received considerable MTV airplay and rocketed the band to stardom. Many tracks on this album later received acoustic versions on their follow-up album, Five Man Acoustical Jam, a precursor of the Unplugged trend.

The album is titled after the controversy about the identity of the inventor of radio. It is posited that Serbian engineer Nikola Tesla (whom the band is named after) is the true inventor of radio, while the Italian Guglielmo Marconi took the credit and is widely regarded as having the title. The album's inner sleeve recounts this story. The album was certified double platinum by the RIAA on July 23, 1998.

Tesla is an American hard rock band originating from Sacramento, California. The band formed in 1984 as City Kidd and was renamed to Tesla during the recording of their first album on the advice of their manager. According to the Love Song Songfacts, their name (and the inspiration for some songs) comes from Nikola Tesla, the legendary scientist and inventor who quite possibly is single-handedly responsible for the "mad scientist" trope. Originally, the group included Jeff Keith (vocals), Frank Hannon (guitar), Tommy Skeoch (guitar), Brian Wheat (bass) and Troy Luccketta (drums). In 2006, Skeoch was replaced by Dave Rude, who is now an official member of the band.

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