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The Cars - Candy-O (1979)

The Cars - Candy-O (1979)

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Side one

1. "Let's Go" Benjamin Orr   3:33

2. "Since I Held You" Ocasek/Orr 3:16

3. "It's All I Can Do" Orr   3:44

4. "Double Life" Ocasek 4:14

5. "Shoo Be Doo" Ocasek 1:36

6. "Candy-O" Orr    2:36

Side two

7. "Night Spots" Ocasek 3:15

8. "You Can't Hold on Too Long" Orr    2:46

9. "Lust for Kicks" Ocasek  3:52

10. "Got a Lot on My Head" Ocasek 2:59

11. "Dangerous Type" Ocasek  4:28

2017 reissue bonus tracks

12. "Let's Go" (monitor mix) Orr     3:33

13. "Candy-O" (Northern Studios version) Orr    2:35

14. "Night Spots" (Northern Studios version) Ocasek 3:43

15. "Lust for Kicks" (monitor mix) Ocasek  4:25

16. "Dangerous Type" (Northern Studios version) Ocasek  3:26

17. "They Won't See You" (Northern Studios version) Ocasek 3:49

18. "That's It" (B-side of "Let's Go") Orr    3:23

The Cars Band Members 

Ric Ocasek – rhythm guitar, lead vocals

Elliot Easton – lead guitar, backing vocals

Greg Hawkes – keyboards, tenor saxophone, percussion, backing vocals

Benjamin Orr – bass guitar, lead vocals

David Robinson – drums, percussion

Candy-O is the 2nd studio album by the American rock band the Cars. It was produced by Roy Thomas Baker and released in 1979 on Elektra Records. Two singles were released from the album, "Let's Go" (Billboard Hot 100 #14) and "It's All I Can Do" (#41). The album outperformed the band's debut, peaking at #3 on the US Billboard 200. The cover art was done by pin-up artist Alberto Vargas.

The Cars are a popular American new wave/power pop band that formed in 1976, after going through several different incarnations. The band was founded in Boston, Massachusetts and were signed to Elektra Records in 1977. The band originally consisted of David Robinson (drummer), Benjamin Orr (singer/bassist), Ric Ocasek (singer/rhythm guitarist), Elliot Easton (lead guitarist), Greg Hawkes (keyboardist).

The Cars Band members

Elliot Easton – lead guitar, backing vocals (1976–1988, 2010–2011, 2018)

Greg Hawkes – keyboards, guitars, backing vocals (1976–1988, 2010–2011, 2018), saxophone (1976–1979), bass (2010–2011)

Ric Ocasek – lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards (1976–1988, 2010–2011, 2018; died 2019)

Benjamin Orr – lead and backing vocals, bass, keyboards (1976–1988; died 2000)

David Robinson – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1976–1988, 2010–2011, 2018)

The New Cars Band members

Elliot Easton – lead guitar, backing vocals

Greg Hawkes – keyboards, backing vocals

Prairie Prince – drums, percussion

Todd Rundgren – lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar

Kasim Sulton – bass, lead and backing vocals

The Cars full discography

The Cars (1978)

Candy-O (1979)

Panorama (1980)

Shake It Up (1981)

Heartbeat City (1984)

Door to Door (1987)

Move Like This (2011)

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