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Turbonegro - Helta Skelta (1993)

Turbonegro  - Helta Skelta (1993)

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"Librium Love" – 5:17

"Suburban Anti-Christ" (Bonus) – 1:59

"Armed and Fairly Well Equipped" (Bonus) – 4:04

"Vaya Con Satan" – 4:02

"Punk Pals" – 2:32

"New Wave Song" – 2:40

"Manimal" – 4:15

"Nadsat Comes Easy" – 4:31

"Dark Secret Girl" – 2:00

"Hot Cars" (Bonus) – 3:34

"Clenched Teeth" (Bonus) – 2:21

"Zonked Out (On Hashish)" – 2:03

"Kiss the Knife (aka "Hand Of Love")" – 1:58

"I'm In Love With The Destructive Girls" – 2:12

"A Career In Indierock" (Bonus) – 24:36

Turbonegro Band Members

Harry Neger (Harald Fossberg) – vocals

Brune Neger (Rune Grønn) – Guitar

Max Neger (Pål Bøttger Kjærnes) - Guitar

Bingo Neger (Bengt Calmeyer) – Bass

Bongo Neger (Thomas Seltzer) – drums

Patch Neger (Jonno Howe) - Synthesized guitar

Wart Neger (Craig Leese) - Triangle

Helta Skelta is the 1993 re-release of Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives (1992), the first album by Norwegian band Turbonegro. It was released on CD only by Repulsion Records in Germany. Only 1,500 copies were made. It includes five bonus tracks (including "A Career In Indie Rock", a 20+ minute audio-play about a young man being raped by a policeman) but leaves out the song "Prima Moffe". The cover is a painted portrait of Sirhan Sirhan, the convicted assassin of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 (which several people have mistaken for a portrait Charles Manson). Political assassin references continue on the back, which features a photo of John Hinckley, who shot Ronald Reagan in 1981, pointing a gun to his own head.

Turbonegro (known as Turboneger in Norway) is a Norwegian punk rock band from Oslo, formed in 1989. The band combines glam rock, hardcore punk and heavy metal into a style the band describes themselves as "deathpunk". The band started with Thomas Seltzer (the bassist, Happy-Tom as he is also called) setting up a band with some friends, called Akutt Innleggelse. They played some local concerts, and made an EP, including 3 songs, "CIA/KGB", "Supertstjerne" and "Lovesong", written by Thomas. The EP was named "Echoes From the Asylum". The cover art is a drawing of a skeleton, which Thomas found in his mothers book about the Scottish psychologist R.D Laing. The publisher was Straitjacket Records, also made by Thomas.

Thomas and a couple of friends started another band, now called "De Dype". Butthole Surfers, Sonic Youth, poop, Nietzsche and provocation was what they cared about. Their first concert was in the basement of Chateau Neuf, the Cirkus. They appeared drunk on-stage, none of the guitars were tuned, and they forgot the fuzzpedals, so the guitars sounded like violins. The point was to show the students at the party that they didn't give a fuck about them. The arrangers at last kicked them out.

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