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Hawkwind - Levitation (1980)

Hawkwind - Levitation (1980)

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Hawkwind - Levitation

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Side 1

"Levitation" (Dave Brock) – 5:48

"Motorway City" (Brock) – 6:48

"Psychosis" (Harvey Bainbridge) – 2:22

"World of Tiers" (Bainbridge, Huw Lloyd-Langton) – 3:30

Side 2

"Prelude" (Tim Blake) – 1:28

"Who's Gonna Win The War?" (Brock) – 4:45

"Space Chase" (Lloyd-Langton) – 3:11

"The 5th Second of Forever" (Brock, Lloyd-Langton) – 3:27

"Dust of Time" (Brock, Bainbridge, Lloyd-Langton) – 6:22

Griffin CD bonus track

"Nuclear Toy" (Brock, Lloyd-Langton) – 3:30

Atomhenge CD bonus tracks

"Valium 10" [full version] (Bainbridge, Brock, Mick Smith, Steve Swindells) – 7:53

"Time of..." (Bainbridge, Brock, Simon King, Swindells) – 4:11

"Who's Gonna Win the War?" [Hawklords version] (Brock) – 4:52

"Douglas in the Jungle" (Bainbridge, Brock, King, Swindells) – 6:53

"British Tribal Music" (Bainbridge, Brock, King, Swindells) – 3:56

"Nuclear Toy" [single B-side] (Brock, Lloyd-Langton) – 3:00

"Who's Gonna Win the War?" [single A-side] (Brock) – 3:39

"Brainstorm" [live 1980] (Nik Turner) – 5:47

Atomhenge bonus CD2

"Technicians of Spaceship Earth"

"Levitation" (Brock) – 7:28 [A]

"Motorway City" (Brock) – 7:36 [B]

"Death Trap" (Robert Calvert, Brock) – 4:44 [A]

"Angels of Death" (Brock) – 6:06 [A]

"Psychosis" [unlisted] (Bainbridge) – 1:17 [A]

"The 5th Second of Forever" (Brock, Lloyd-Langton) – 4:13 [A]

"Dust of Time" (Bainbridge, Brock, Lloyd-Langton) – 6:32 [B]

Atomhenge bonus CD3

"Running Through the Back Brain (Messages)" (Michael Moorcock, Hawkwind) – 6:23 [B]

"Dangerous Vision" (Keith Hale) – 5:06 [B]

"Who's Gonna Win the War?" (Brock) – 7:26

"PSI Power" (Calvert, Brock) – 4:50 [A]

"Shot Down in the Night" (Swindells) – 7:15 [A]

"World of Tiers" (Bainbridge, Lloyd-Langton) – 5:18 [C]

"Space Chase" (Lloyd-Langton) – 4:11 [A]

Hawkwind Band Members

Dave Brock – vocals, electric guitar, keyboards

Huw Lloyd-Langton – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals

Harvey Bainbridge – bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

Tim Blake – keyboards, backing vocals

Ginger Baker – drums

Levitation is the 10th studio album by English rock group Hawkwind, released in 1980. It peaked at No. 21 on the UK Albums Chart.

At the time of its release, band leader Dave Brock stated: "with Levitation we’ve come full circle back to the style of our debut album. And that was the record which totally expressed our ideals and what we stood for." It is their first studio album after the departure of lead vocalist and lyricist Robert Calvert, and lyrics here tend to be cursory and the number of instrumentals is increased. It is also the only studio Hawkwind album to feature ex-Cream drummer Ginger Baker and first for ex-Gong keyboardist Tim Blake, who would later return to the band and play on 2010's Blood of the Earth.

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