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Humble Pie - As Safe as Yesterday Is (1969)

Humble Pie - As Safe as Yesterday Is (1969)

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Humble Pie - As Safe as Yesterday Is

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Side one

"Desperation" (John Kay) – 6:28

"Stick Shift" (Peter Frampton) – 2:22

"Buttermilk Boy" (Steve Marriott) – 4:22

"Growing Closer" (Ian McLagan) – 3:13 (US version omitted "Growing Closer" in favour of the single "Natural Born Bugie")

"As Safe as Yesterday" (Frampton, Marriott) – 6:05

Side two

"Bang!" (Marriott) – 3:24

"Alabama '69" (Marriott) – 4:37

"I'll Go Alone" (Frampton) – 6:17

"A Nifty Little Number Like You" (Marriott) – 6:11

"What You Will" (Marriott) – 4:20

CD bonus tracks

"Natural Born Bugie" (Marriott) (Single A-side) – 4:12

"Wrist Job" (Marriott) (Single B-side) – 4:14

Humble Pie Band Members 

Steve Marriott - vocals (01,02 [fade-out vocals],03,04,05,06,07,08 [second vocals],09,10), guitar (01,03,05,06,09,10), slide guitar (02), acoustic guitar (07), harmonica (04,07), organ (02,03,05,09,10), goofs (09), tablas (04), piano (06)

Peter Frampton - vocals ([backvocals],10), guitar, slide guitar (07), organ (01), tabla (05), bass tablas (07), piano (03,08,10)

Greg Ridley - bass, vocals, happy noise (07), percussion (05), skins (04)

Jerry Shirley - drums, grins and explosions (01), percussion (04,05,07), tablas (07), harpsichord (08), big ones (02), piano (05), lead thumbs (03)

Lyn Dobson - flute (04,08), sitar(08)

Andy Johns - producer

As Safe as Yesterday Is is the debut album by rock band Humble Pie, released in the UK in August 1969. The album peaked at number 32 in the UK album chart. Featuring former frontmen Steve Marriott (ex–Small Faces) and Peter Frampton (ex–The Herd). While the group had technically formed in January 1969, Marriott's final touring commitments to his former band followed by legal wrangles with Frampton's old management had delayed any album releases until August, during which time the band rehearsed and recorded enough material to fill at least three albums.

Humble Pie are an English rock band formed by Steve Marriott in Moreton, Essex during 1969. They are known as one of the first supergroups of the late 1960s, and found success on both sides of the Atlantic in the early 1970s with such songs as "Black Coffee", "30 Days in the Hole", "I Don't Need No Doctor" and "Natural Born Bugie". The original band line-up featured lead vocalist and guitarist Steve Marriott from Small Faces, vocalist and guitarist Peter Frampton from The Herd, former Spooky Tooth bassist Greg Ridley and a 17-year-old drummer, Jerry Shirley, from The Apostolic Intervention.

Humble Pie Band Members

Steve Marriott – guitar, vocals, keyboards, harmonica (1969–1975, 1979–1983; died 1991)

Jerry Shirley – drums, keyboards (1969–1975, 1979–1981, 1988–1999, 2001–2002, 2018–present)

Greg Ridley – bass, vocals, guitar (1969–1975, 2001–2002; died 2003)

Peter Frampton – guitar, vocals, keyboards (1969–1971)

Clem Clempson – guitar, keyboards, vocals (1971–1975, 2019–present)

Steve Marriott-guitar/lead vocal

Jerry Shirley-drums

Bobby Tench-guitar/vocals

Anthony Jones-bass

Dave "Bucket" Colwell-guitar

Wally Stocker-guitar

Charlie Huhn-lead vocals/guitar

Scott Alan-Bass

Alan Greene-lead guitar

Zoot Money-keyboards vocals

Jimmy Kunes-lead vocals

Bobby Marks-Drums

James Rotondi-guitar

Ivan Bodley-bass

Nigel Harrison-bass

Johnny Warman-guitar

Dave Walker-lead vocals

Humble Band Discography Full

1969 As Safe as Yesterday

1969 Town and Country

1970 Humble Pie

1971 Rock On

1972 Smokin'

1973 Eat It

1974 Thunderbox

1975 Street Rats

1980 On to Victory

1981 Go for the Throat

2002 Back on Track

Humble Band Members Live Albums Discography

1971 Performance Rockin' the

1996 In Concert

2000 Extended Versions

2000 Natural Born Boogie: The BBC Sessions

2002 Live at the Whisky A Go-Go '69

2010 Hot 'n' Nasty: Rockin' the Winterland

2012 Live '73 (Reissue of the 1996 King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents 'In Concert')

2013 Live '81

2013 Performance Rockin' the Fillmore: The Complete Recordings Box set (4-cd)

2017 Official Bootleg Vol. 1 Box set (3-cd)

2018 Official Bootleg Vol. 2 Box Set (5-cd)

2019 Up Our Sleeve - Official Bootleg Vol. 3 Box Set (5-cd)

2019 Tourin' - Official Bootleg Vol. 4 Box Set (4-cd)

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