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Peter Frampton - Fingerprints (2006)

Peter Frampton - Fingerprints (2006)

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"Boot It Up" (Frampton, John Regan) (featuring Courtney Pine) - 3:27
"Ida y Vuelta (Out and Back)" (Frampton, Shawn Fichter, Stanley Sheldon) (with Stanley Sheldon) - 3:23
"Black Hole Sun" (Chris Cornell) (featuring Matt Cameron and Mike McCready) - 5:25
"Float" (Frampton, Gordon Kennedy) (featuring Gordon Kennedy) - 4:03
"My Cup of Tea" (featuring Hank Marvin and Brian Bennett) - 4:52
"Shewango Way" - 3:19
"Blooze" (featuring Warren Haynes) - 5:14
"Cornerstones" (featuring Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman) - 3:13
"Grab a Chicken (Put It Back)" - 3:53
"Double Nickels" (featuring Paul Franklin) - 3:48
"Smoky" - 4:51
"Blowin' Smoke" (featuring Matt Cameron and Mike McCready) - 3:47
"Oh When..." - 1:19
"Souvenirs de Nos Pères (Memories of Our Fathers)" (featuring John Jorgenson) - 4:56

Peter Frampton - acoustic, electric & rhythm guitar, E-Bow
Mike McCready - guitar
Gordon Kennedy - acoustic & electric guitar
Hank Marvin - electric guitar
Warren Haynes - electric guitar
John Jorgenson - lead & rhythm guitar
Paul Franklin - pedal steel guitar
John Regan - bass, double bass
Stanley Sheldon - fretless bass
Gary Westlake - bass
Mark Griffiths - bass
Bill Wyman - bass
Charlie Chadwick - acoustic bass
Arthur Stead - keyboards
Blair Masters - keyboards, cello sample
Gustavo Ramirez - grand piano
Chris Stainton - grand piano, Hammond B-3 organ
Mark Harris - Hammond B-3 organ
John Burton - Pro-Tools
Courtney Pine - tenor saxophone
Chad Cromwell - drums
Shawn Fichter - drums
Matt Cameron - drums
Brian Bennett - drums
Charlie Watts - drums
Stephan Dudash - 5-string viola
Aaron Swihart - Internet Cooking Programs
Daniel de los Reyes - percussion
Gary L Cales II - DAW Chief Technical Engineer

Fingerprints, released in 2006, is Peter Frampton's 13th studio album and first instrumental album, and features guest appearances from friends and musical acquaintances, as well as Frampton's signature effect, the talkbox. It was his first album on A&M Records in 24 years. Fingerprints won a Grammy in 2007 for Best Pop Instrumental Album.

Peter Kenneth Frampton (born 22 April 1950) is an English rock musician, singer, songwriter, and producer. He was previously associated with the bands Humble Pie and the Herd. As a solo artist, Frampton released several albums including his international breakthrough album, the live release Frampton Comes Alive!. The album sold more than eight million copies in the United States and spawned several hit singles. Since then he has released several other albums. He has also worked with Ringo Starr, the Who's John Entwistle, David Bowie and both Matt Cameron and Mike McCready from Pearl Jam, among others.

Frampton is best known for such hits as "Breaking All the Rules", "Show Me the Way", "Baby, I Love Your Way", "Do You Feel Like We Do", and "I'm in You", which remain staples on classic rock radio. He has also appeared as himself in television shows such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Madam Secretary. Frampton is known for his work as a guitar player, particularly with a talk box and his tenor voice.

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Fingerprints (2006)

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Hummingbird in a Box (2014)

Acoustic Classics (2016)

All Blues (2019)

Frampton Forgets The Words (Instrumental cover tracks) (2021)

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