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Melissa Etheridge - Skin (2001)

Melissa Etheridge - Skin (2001)

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Melissa Etheridge - Skin

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"Lover Please" – 3:26

"The Prison" – 4:59

"Walking on Water" – 3:04

"Down to One" – 3:56

"Goodnight" – 3:33

"It's Only Me" – 3:40

"I Want to Be in Love" – 3:34

"Please Forgive Me" – 4:43

"The Different" – 4:06

"Heal Me" – 3:39

There is one known outtake titled 'Whispers in the Heart' 'My Heart' or 'Heart Whispers'

Melissa Etheridge Band Members / Musicians

Melissa Etheridge – guitar, harmonica, mandolin, keyboards, vocals, background vocals

Kenny Aronoff – drums

Mark Browne – bass guitar

David Cole – keyboards, programming

Abe Laboriel Jr. – programming

Meg Ryan – background vocals on "Heal Me"

Laura Dern – background vocals on "Heal Me"

Gota Yashiki – programming

Producers: Melissa Etheridge, David N. Cole

Engineer: David N. Cole

Assistant engineers: Steve Genewick, Charles Paakkari

Mixing: David N. Cole, Chris Lord-Alge, Sylvia Massy, Matt Silva

Mastering: Ted Jensen

Drum programming: David N. Cole

Production coordination: Steven Girmant

Assistants: Charles Paakkari, Matt Silva

Art direction: Rick Patrick

Photography: Dan Winters

Skin is the 7th album by singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge, released in 2001. During the singer's split from Julie Cypher, her companion of 12 years, Melissa Etheridge retreated to her home studio to write songs about her searing pain and confusion. Skin peels back layers of Etheridge's pain and addresses her personal melodrama, as she takes the listener through the stages of grief and recovery. "Heal Me" features background vocals by Laura Dern and Meg Ryan. Etheridge plays almost all the instruments and penned all the songs.

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