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801 (Phil Manzanera/801) - Listen Now (1977)

801 (Phil Manzanera/801) - Listen Now (1977)

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801 (Phil Manzanera/801) - Listen Now

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Side One

"Listen Now" (Bill MacCormick, Ian MacCormick, Phil Manzanera) - 7:56

"Flight 19" (Ian MacCormick, Manzanera) - 5:33

"Island" (Manzanera) - 5:20

"Law and Order" (Bill MacCormick, Manzanera) - 4:06

Side Two

"¿Que?" (Manzanera) - 1:18

"City of Light" (Bill MacCormick, Manzanera) - 7:09

"Initial Speed" (Manzanera) - 4:44

"Postcard Love" (Bill MacCormick, Manzanera) - 4:34

"That Falling Feeling" (Ian MacCormick, Manzanera) - 5:15

2000 Virgin CD version

"Listen Now" (Bill MacCormick, Ian MacCormick, Phil Manzanera) - 7:57

"Flight 19" (Ian MacCormick, Manzanera) - 5:28

"Island" (Manzanera) - 5:18

"Law and Order" (Bill MacCormick, Manzanera) - 4:07

"Rude Awakening" (Manzanera) - 1:10

"¿Que?" (Manzanera) - 1:18

"City of Light" (Bill MacCormick, Manzanera) - 7:09

"Initial Speed" (Manzanera) - 4:44

"Postcard Love" (Bill MacCormick, Manzanera) - 4:34

"That Falling Feeling" (Ian MacCormick, Manzanera) - 5:15

"Blue Gray Uniform" (Peter Wheeler) - 2:54

"Remote Control" (Ian MacCormick) - 4:15

801 (Phil Manzanera/801) Band Members / Musicians

Phil Manzanera - guitar, acoustic piano, Hammond organ

Eno - guitar treatment, chorus piano, synthesizer

Simon Ainley - lead vocals

Bill MacCormick - bass, vocals

Ian MacCormick - vocals

Tim Finn - vocals

Kevin Godley - vocals, percussion

Lol Creme - vocals

Billy Livsey - clavinet, Wurlitzer electric piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano

Mel Collins - soprano saxophone

John White - tuba

Eddie Jobson - acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano

Eddie Rayner - acoustic piano

Francis Monkman - Fender Rhodes electric piano, synthesizer

Rhett Davies - Hammond organ

Simon Phillips - drums, percussion

Dave Mattacks - drums

Alan Lee - background vocals/chorus

Martin Lawrence, Rhett Davies - engineer

Philip Castle - design, design concept

Listen Now is the only studio album by 801, whose live debut was released in November 1976. For this release, the group was officially billed as "Phil Manzanera/801".

In 1977, hoping to capitalise on the success of 801 Live, a revised version of 801 (now known as Phil Manzanera/801) recorded and released a studio album with additional collaborating musicians including Kevin Godley and Lol Creme of 10cc, and Tim Finn and Eddie Rayner of Split Enz. Only Phil Manzanera and Bill MacCormick remain important members of the band, while Francis Monkman, Simon Phillips and Eno are treated as sidekicks. Lloyd Watson left the project altogether. Vocal duties were shared by Simon Ainley and MacCormick. Many of the same personnel were to contribute to Manzanera's album of the following year, K-Scope.

The album was 1st rereleased on CD by EG Records without bonus tracks and in 2000 by Virgin with three tracks previously unavailable. The "Flight 19" b-side "Car Rhumba" was rereleased on the CD version of Phil Manzanera's Diamond Head as "Carhumba". One track, "Rude Awakening", was a leftover from the original session, while the remaining two tracks ("Blue Gray Uniform" and "Remote Control") are demos recorded at PLS studios. "Remote Control" was re-recorded and ended up on Manzanera's 1978 album K-Scope.

801 were an English experimental rock supergroup band originally formed in London in 1976 for three live concerts by Phil Manzanera (guitars, ex-Roxy Music, Quiet Sun), Brian Eno (keyboards, synthesizers, guitar, vocals and tapes, ex-Roxy Music), Bill MacCormick (bass and vocals, ex-Quiet Sun, Matching Mole), Francis Monkman (Fender Rhodes piano and clavinet, ex-Curved Air), Simon Phillips (drums and rhythm generator) and Lloyd Watson (slide-guitar and vocals).

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