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Buddy Holly - That'll Be the Day (1958)

Buddy Holly - That'll Be the Day (1958)

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Buddy Holly - That'll Be the Day
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Side 1
1. "You Are My One Desire"   2:23
2. "Blue Days, Black Nights"   2:04
3. "Modern Don Juan"   2:39
4. "Rock Around With Ollie Vee"   2:18
5. "Ting a Ling"   2:41
6. "Girl on My Mind"   2:18

Side 2
1. "That'll Be the Day"   2:30
2. "Love Me" Buddy Holly, Sue Parrish 2:07
3. "I’m Changing All Those Changes"   2:14
4. "Don’t Come Back Knockin’"   2:14
5. "Midnight Shift"   2:10

1999 Bonus tracks
1. "Rock Around With Ollie Vee (No.2)"   2:14
2. "Changing All Those Changes" (Demo)   1:39

Buddy Holly Band Members / Musicians
Buddy Holly – vocal & guitar
Sonny Curtis – lead guitar
Grady Martin – rhythm guitar
Doug Kirkham* – bass and percussion
Don Guess – bass
Jerry Allison – drums
Harold Bradley – guitar
Floyd Cramer – piano
Farris Coursey – drums
E.R. "Dutch" McMillan – alto saxophone
Owen Bradley – piano
Boots Randolph – saxophone

That'll Be The Day is the 2nd and final studio album from Buddy Holly. Decca, Holly’s first major record label, after failing to produce a hit single from Holly’s early recordings, packaged these 1956 tunes after he had some success with recordings from the Brunswick and Coral labels, i.e. the previously released single "That'll Be the Day". This is the last album released before his death in a plane crash on February 3, 1959, and is rare among collectors.

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