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Comus - To Keep from Crying (1974)

Comus - To Keep from Crying (1974)

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Comus - To Keep from Crying
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Side one
1. "Down (Like A Movie Star)"   4:06
2. "Touch Down"   4:45
3. "Waves and Caves" (Andy Hellaby)   1:32
4. "Figure in Your Dreams"   3:10
5. "Children of the Universe"   5:37

Side two
1. "So Long Supernova" Wootton 3:20
2. "Perpetual Motion"   4:07
3. "Panophany" (Hellaby)   0:26
4. "Get Yourself a Man" (Keith Hale)   7:07
5. "To Keep from Crying"   5:27
6. "After the Dream"   0:59

Comus Band Members / Musicians

Bobbie Watson – lead and backing vocals, percussion, recorder

Roger Wootton - guitar, lead and backing vocals

Keith Hale – piano, organ, electric piano, synthesizer, marimba

Andy Hellaby – bass, autoharp, tape effects

Gordon Coxon – drums, percussion

Philip Barry – bongos

Lindsay Cooper – bassoon on "To Keep from Crying"

Didier Malherbe – saxophone on "Get Yourself a Man"

Tim Kraemer – cello on "So Long Supernova"

To Keep from Crying is the 2nd album by progressive folk band Comus, released in 1974. It featured a notably different lineup from their other releases, with the violin/viola and woodwind spots replaced by keyboards and a conventional drum kit. The album's content has also been noted as sounding more mainstream than their earlier work, which centred more in conventional progressive rock and folk.

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