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Focus - Mother Focus (1975)

Focus - Mother Focus (1975)

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Focus - Mother Focus
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Side one
1. "Mother Focus"   3:03
2. "I Need a Bathroom"   3:02
3. "Bennie Helder"   3:31
4. "Soft Vanilla"   3:00
5. "Hard Vanilla"   2:35
6. "Tropic Bird"   2:42

Side two
1. "Focus IV"   3:55
2. "Someone's Crying… What?"   3:18
3. "All Together … Oh, That!"   3:40
4. "No Hang Ups"   2:54
5. "My Sweetheart"   3:35
6. "Father Bach"   1:30

Total length:   37:16

Focus Band Members / Musicians
Thijs van Leer – Hammond organ, electric piano, grand piano, Solina String Machine, synthesizers, concert and alto flutes, voices, synthesizers, piano, saxophone on track 8, flute, non-lexical vocables (track 1)
Jan Akkerman – guitar
Bert Ruiter – bass guitar, vocals (track 2)
David Kemper – drums
Colin Allen – drums (track 2)

Mother Focus is the 5th studio album by the band Focus, released in 1975 on Polydor (cat. no. 2310 408) in Europe, on Atco Records in North America and on EMI in Japan. Some tracks on the album mark a departure from the progressive rock style that dominated the group's prior work, and herald a funk music style with light jazz and pop at the centre. Bassist Bert Ruiter provided most of the themes, as van Leer had just recorded a solo album, O My Love, of his own music, and Jan Akkerman withheld compositions for his forthcoming solo album Eli.

The closing track, “Father Bach”, is credited as a “traditional tune”, arranged and adopted by Thijs van Leer, but in reality it consists of the opening lines of J. S. Bach’s St. Matthew Passion.

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