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INXS - X (1990)

INXS - X (1990)

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INXS - X (1990)

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1. "Suicide Blonde"   3:53

2. "Disappear"   4:10

3. "The Stairs"   4:56

4. "Faith in Each Other"   4:09

5. "By My Side"   3:06

6. "Lately"   3:37

7. "Who Pays the Price"   3:37

8. "Know the Difference"   3:18

9. "Bitter Tears"   3:49

10. "On My Way"   2:56

11. "Hear That Sound"   4:05

Bonus tracks on 2002 Remaster

12. "Waiting to Be Free" A. Farriss   3:11

13. "Deepest Red"   3:24

14. "Salvation Jane (Demo)"   3:22

15. "Who Pays the Price (Demo)"   3:15

16. "Dark of Night (Demo)"   2:29

INXS Band Members / Musicians

Garry Gary Beers – bass guitar, double bass and backing vocals

Andrew Farriss – synthesizers, drum machine, harmonica and guitars

Jon Farriss – drums and backing vocals

Tim Farriss – guitars

Michael Hutchence – lead vocals and backing vocals

Kirk Pengilly – guitars, saxophone and backing vocals

X is Australian rock band INXS's 7th studio album, released on 25 September 1990. The follow-up to the massive seller Kick, X scored hits with "Suicide Blonde" and "Disappear" (both Top 10 in the US). Two other singles from X were "Bitter Tears" and "By My Side" but they had less chart success. A fifth single, "The Stairs", was only issued in the Netherlands to coincide with the release of the Live Baby Live album. It was the third consecutive INXS album produced by Chris Thomas.

The title, the Roman numeral for "10", represents the band's tenth year since their debut album was released in 1980. X features a sample of blues-harp player Charlie Musselwhite on "Suicide Blonde", and Musselwhite himself playing on "Who Pays the Price" and "On My Way". In 2002, a remastered version of the album was released which included five previously unreleased tracks.

The singles "Suicide Blonde" and "Disappear" were used in the 1991 teen movie Mystery Date.

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