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INXS - Welcome to Wherever You Are (1992)

INXS - Welcome to Wherever You Are (1992)

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INXS - Welcome to Wherever You Are

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1. "Questions"   2:19

2. "Heaven Sent"   3:18

3. "Communication"   5:29

4. "Taste It"   3:27

5. "Not Enough Time"   4:26

6. "All Around"   3:30

7. "Baby Don't Cry"   4:57

8. "Beautiful Girl"    3:33

9. "Wishing Well"   3:40

10. "Back on Line"   3:24

11. "Strange Desire"   4:39

12. "Men and Women"   4:38

Bonus tracks on 2002 Remaster

13. "The Answer"   4:53

14. "Wishing Well" (Alternate version)   3:30

15. "All Around" (Alternate version)   3:25

16. "The Indian Song"   4:50

17. "Heaven Sent" (Waltz version)   3:01

INXS Band Members / Musicians

Michael Hutchence – vocals

Kirk Pengilly – guitar, saxophone, vocals

Garry Gary Beers – bass, vocals

Andrew Farriss – keyboards, guitar

Jon Farriss – drums, percussion, vocals

Tim Farriss – guitar

Australian Concert Orchestra – "Baby Don't Cry" and "Men and Woman"

Deni Hines – backing vocals on "Not Enough Time" and "Strange Desire"

Sunil De Silva – percussion on "Not Enough Time"

Mark Opitz – producer

INXS – producer

Bob Clearmountain – mixing

Niven Garland – engineer

Melissa Van Twest – assistant engineer

Neil Sandbach – orchestral engineer

Colin Piper – conductor

Mick Kenny and Andrew Farriss – orchestral arrangements on "Baby Don't Cry" "Men and Women"

Leon Zervos – mastering

Chris Murphy – management

Steve Pyke – cover photography

Peggy Sirota – photography

Michael Nash Assoc. – design

Welcome to Wherever You Are is the 8th album by the Australian rock band INXS, which was released on 3 August 1992. With grunge and alternative music breaking into the mainstream, INXS tried to establish a new direction for itself, incorporating sitars, a 60-piece orchestra, and a much more "raw" sound to their music. In its four star review of the album, Q called it "... a far more engaging and heartfelt collection than anything the group has put out in recent memory ... It rocks," and listed it as one of the 50 Best Albums of 1992. It was the first album by an Australian artist to debut on the UK album chart at number one since AC/DC's "Back in Black".

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