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INXS - Full Moon, Dirty Hearts (1993)

INXS - Full Moon, Dirty Hearts (1993)

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INXS - Full Moon, Dirty Hearts

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1. "Days of Rust"   3:09

2. "The Gift"   4:04

3. "Make Your Peace"   2:41

4. "Time"   2:52

5. "I'm Only Looking"   3:31

6. "Please (You Got That ...)" (featuring Ray Charles)   3:02

7. "Full Moon, Dirty Hearts" (featuring Chrissie Hynde)   3:29

8. "Freedom Deep"   3:59

9. "Kill the Pain"   2:57

10. "Cut Your Roses Down"   3:28

11. "The Messenger"   3:28

12. "Viking Juice"   3:12

Bonus track on Japanese edition

13. "Born to Be Wild"   3:48

INXS Band Members / Musicians

Michael Hutchence – vocals

Kirk Pengilly – guitar, saxophone, vocals

Garry Gary Beers – bass, vocals

Andrew Farriss – keyboards, guitar

Jon Farriss – drums, percussion, vocals

Tim Farriss – guitar

Chrissie Hynde – vocals on "Full Moon, Dirty Hearts"

Ray Charles – vocals on "Please (You Got That...)"

John Kirk – trumpet on "I'm Only Looking"

Mark Opitz – producer

INXS – producer

Bob Clearmountain – mixing

Niven Garland – engineer

Kevin Metcalfe – mastering engineer

Melissa Van Twest, John Mansey, Max Carola, Bruce Keen, Alex Firla, Randy Wine Pete Lewis, Benedict Fenner – assistant engineers

Chris Kimsey – additional recording

Enrique Badulescu – front cover photography

Chris Murphy – management

Katerina Jebb, Garry Beers and Leslie Farriss – inside photography

Michael Nash – design

INXS – front cover design

Full Moon, Dirty Hearts is the 9th studio album released by Australian band INXS in 1993, through Warner Music Australia. It was followed by the Dirty Honeymoon world tour of 1993–1994.

"Please" featured vocals by Ray Charles; the title track featured vocals by the Pretenders lead singer, Chrissie Hynde, however the latter was not released as a single, while the former was.

The band's manager, Chris Murphy, arranged to shoot videos for every song on the album. Twelve videos were shot on a small budget by different up and coming Australian directors.

The Japanese edition of the album included a cover of Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild", which was specially recorded for the April 1993 launch of Virgin Radio in the UK.

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