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Johnny Winter - I'm a Bluesman (2004)

Johnny Winter - I'm a Bluesman (2004)

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Johnny Winter - I'm a Bluesman

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1. "I'm a Bluesman"   4:12

2. "Cheatin' Blues"   3:22

3. "I Smell Smoke"   3:57

4. "Lone Wolf"   3:29

5. "So Much Love"   3:22

6. "The Monkey Song"   6:13

7. "Shake Down"   4:02

8. "Sweet Little Baby"   2:48

9. "Pack Your Bags"   4:04

10. "Last Night"   3:12

11. "That Wouldn't Satisfy"   4:08

12. "Sugar Coated Love"   4:01

13. "Let's Start All Over Again"   4:25

14. "Headed for Hard Times (*)"   4:13

(*) Bonus track for Japan edition.

Johnny Winter Band Members / Musicians

Johnny Winter - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar

Paul Nelson - rhythm guitar

Scott Spray - bass

Wayne June - drums

James Montgomery - harmonica

Tom Hambridge - drums, percussion, backing vocals

Mike Welch - rhythm guitar

Brad Hallen - bass

Reese Wynans - keyboards

Tommy MacDonald - bass

Sal Baglio - rhythm guitar

Produced by Tom Hambridge and Dick Shurman.

Co-Produced by Johnny Winter.

Recorded by Ducky Carlisle

Mixed by David Axelbaum and Dick Shurman

A&R - David J. Wolter

Mastered by Greg Calbi

CD Design by Kirk Richard Smith Creative Direction Sean Mosher Smith

I'm a Bluesman is an album by blues guitarist and singer Johnny Winter. This was his 1st studio album with new material in twelve years, released by Virgin Records on June 25, 2004.

The album is a mixture of original songs and covers of blues standards. As the album's title suggests, the songs have strong emphasis on traditional electric blues over the blues-rock elements on some previous Winter albums.

I'm a Bluesman was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album.

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