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Love - Forever Changes (1967)

Love - Forever Changes (1967)

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Love - Forever Changes

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Side one

1. "Alone Again Or"   September 10, 1967   3:15

2. "A House Is Not a Motel"   August 11 & September 10, 1967   3:25

3. "Andmoreagain"   June 9, 12 & August 11, 1967   3:15

4. "The Daily Planet"   June 9–10 & September 25, 1967   3:25

5. "Old Man"   August 12 & September 25, 1967   2:57

6. "The Red Telephone"   August 12 & September 21, 25, 1967   4:45

Side two

7. "Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale"   September 10, 1967   3:30

8. "Live and Let Live"   August 11, 1967   5:24

9. "The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This"   August 11, 1967   3:00

10. "Bummer in the Summer"   August 12, 1967   2:20

11. "You Set the Scene"   August 12, 1967   6:49

Total length:   42:05

Love Band Members / Musicians

Arthur Lee – guitar, vocal

Bryan MacLean – guitar, vocal

Johnny Echols – guitar

Ken Forssi – bass

Michael Stuart-Ware – drums, percussion

Carol Kaye – bass guitar on "Andmoreagain" and "The Daily Planet"

Don Randi – keyboards on "Andmoreagain" and "The Daily Planet"; piano on "Old Man" and "Bummer in the Summer"; harpsichord on "The Red Telephone"

Billy Strange – electric rhythm guitar on "Andmoreagain" and "The Daily Planet"

Hal Blaine – drums on "Andmoreagain" and "The Daily Planet"

Neil Young – arranger on "The Daily Planet"

David Angel – arranger, orchestrations

Strings – Robert Barene, Arnold Belnick, James Getzoff, Marshall Sosson, Darrel Terwilliger (violins); Norman Botnick (viola); Jesse Ehrlich (cello); Chuck Berghofer (string bass)

Horns – Bud Brisbois, Roy Caton, Ollie Mitchell (trumpets); Richard Leith (trombone)

Bruce Botnick and Arthur Lee – Producers

Bruce Botnick – Engineer

Jac Holzman – Production Supervisor

Zal Schreiber – Mastering

William S. Harvey – Cover Design

Bob Pepper – Cover Art

Ronnie Haran – Back Cover Photo

Andrew Sandoval – Project Producer

Andrew Sandoval, Dan Hersch, Bill Inglot – Remastering, Disc 1

Steve Hoffman – Remastering, Disc 2, tracks 1–11

Dan Hersch and Andrew Sandoval – Remastering, Disc 2, tracks 12–21

Michael Kachko – Product Manager

Andrew Sandoval – Liner Notes

Amanda Smith – Art Supervision

Vanessa Atkins and Cory Frye – Editorial Supervision

Forever Changes is the 3rd studio album by the American rock band Love, released by Elektra Records in November 1967. It was the final album recorded by the original band lineup after its completion, Bryan Maclean left the group acrimoniously and the other members were dismissed by leader Arthur Lee. The album saw the group embrace a subtler folk-oriented sound and orchestration, while primary songwriter Lee explored darker themes alluding to mortality and his creeping disillusionment with the 1960s counterculture.

Forever Changes had only moderate success in the album charts when it was first released in 1967 it peaked at No. 154 in the US, with a stronger showing in Great Britain, where it reached No. 24 on the UK album chart. In subsequent years, it became recognized as an influential document of 1960s psychedelia and was named among the greatest albums of all time by a variety of publications.

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