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David Coverdale - Into the Light (2000)

David Coverdale - Into the Light (2000)

Tracklist front / back album covers

David Coverdale - Into the Light

"...Into the Light" (David Coverdale) - 1:16

"River Song" (Coverdale) - 7:19

"She Give Me..." (Coverdale) - 4:12

"Don't You Cry" (Coverdale) - 5:47

"Love Is Blind" (Coverdale, Earl Slick) - 5:44

"Slave" (Coverdale, Slick) - 4:51

"Cry for Love" (Coverdale, Doug Bossi, Slick) - 4:52

"Living on Love" (Coverdale, Bossi, Slick) - 6:31

"Midnight Blue" (Coverdale, Slick) - 4:58

"Too Many Tears" (Coverdale, Adrian Vandenberg) - 5:59

"Don't Lie to Me" (Coverdale, Slick) - 4:43

"Wherever You May Go" (Coverdale) - 3:59 Bonus Tracks

"As Long as I Have You"

"Oh No! Not the Blues Again"

"All the Time in the World"


David Coverdale Band Members / Musicians

David Coverdale - lead vocals, guitar on "...Into the Light" and "Cry for Love", producer

Doug Bossi - guitar, slide guitar, background vocals, associate producer, engineer

Earl Slick - guitar

Reeves Gabrels - guitar solo on "She Give Me"

Dylan Vaughan - guitar on "Don't You Cry"

Marco Mendoza - bass, Spanish guitar on "Wherever You May Go", background vocals

Tony Franklin - bass on "Don't You Cry"

Denny Carmassi - drums

Mike Finnigan - organ & piano

Derek Hilland - keyboards on "...Into the Light" and "Living on Love"

John X. Volaitis - keyboards and percussion on "She Give Me", keyboards and vocals on "Don't You Cry" and "Don't Lie to Me", keyboards on "Too Many Tears", harp on "Wherever You May Go", associate producer, mixing

Bjorn Thorsrud - tambourine on "Don't You Cry", engineer

James Sitterly - strings on "Love Is Blind"

Ruy Folguera - string arrangement on "Love Is Blind"

Jimmy Z - harmonica on "Cry for Love"

Linda Rowberry - vocal duet on "Wherever You May Go"

Into the Light is the 3rd solo album by David Coverdale. It was released in September 2000.

In between 1978 and 1997, Coverdale and his band Whitesnake produced nine studio albums. After a three-year break, he returned with what was officially his first solo album since 1978's Northwinds. His 1997 album Restless Heart was recorded as a solo project, but for contractual reasons his label forced him to release it under the Whitesnake moniker. The new album "Into the Light" released in 2000 reached #75 on the UK album chart. In an interview with Classic Rock magazine in 2000, Coverdale stated: "The whole premise of my new record, Into The Light, is about coming out of what I felt was a dark period... I didn't really know who I was, using the illusion of David Coverdale I've created, or that other people have. I got tired of trying to live up to that, which is not necessarily who I am."

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