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James - Gold Mother (1990)

James - Gold Mother (1990)

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James - Gold Mother

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"Come Home" – 5:00

"Government Walls" – 5:47

"God Only Knows" – 4:40

"You Can't Tell How Much Suffering (On a Face That's Always Smiling)" – 2:56

"Crescendo" – 7:01

"How Was It for You" – 4:04

"Hang On" – 4:03

"Walking the Ghost" – 6:13

"Gold Mother" – 7:53

"Top of the World" – 3:49

James Band Members / Musicians

Tim Booth – vocals

Jim Glennie – bass guitar, backing vocals

Larry Gott – guitar, backing vocals

Saul Davies – violin, guitar, cowbell

Andy Diagram – trumpet, backing vocals

David Baynton-Power – drums, percussion

Mark Hunter – keyboards, accordion

John Slater – percussion ("Come Home" and "How Much Suffering")

Martine McDonagh – backing vocals ("Hang On" and "Crescendo")

Inspiral Carpets – backing vocals ("Gold Mother")

Vinny Corrigan – saxophone ("Gold Mother")

Tim Booth – producer

Larry Gott – producer

Jim Glennie – producer

Nick Garside – producer, engineer

Tim Palmer – remix ("How Was It for You")

Vladimiar Bagrianski – photo

Adrian Wilson – photo

Christopher Lord – design

Flood – remix ("Come Home"), producer ("Lose Control")

Mark McGuire – mixing ("Lose Control")

Gil Norton – producer ("Sit Down")

Dave Bascombe – mixing ("Sit Down")

Gold Mother is the 3rd studio album by English rock band James. It was released on 4 June 1990, though Fontana Records. With the addition of drummer David Baynton-Power, violinist/guitarist Saul Davies, and keyboardist Mark Hunter, James released the single "Sit Down" in June 1989, before going to record their next album. Sessions were held at Out of the Blue in Manchester, The Windings in Wrexham, Wales, with three band members and Nick Garside producing. originally released in June 1990 but with several important reissues prompted by the popularity of non-album singles. Described as an arena rock and indie rock album, Gold Mother was compared to the likes of U2 and the Waterboys.

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