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Television - Marquee Moon (1977)

Television - Marquee Moon (1977)

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Television - Marquee Moon

Side one
1. "See No Evil"   3:56
2. "Venus"   3:48
3. "Friction"   4:43
4. "Marquee Moon"   9:58

Side two
1. "Elevation"   5:08
2. "Guiding Light" (Verlaine and Richard Lloyd)   5:36
3. "Prove It"   5:04
4. "Torn Curtain"   7:00

Television Band Members / Musicians

Billy Ficca – drums

Richard Lloyd – guitar (solo on "See No Evil", "Marquee Moon", "Elevation", and "Guiding Light"), vocals

Fred Smith – bass guitar, vocals

Tom Verlaine – guitar (solo on "Venus", "Friction", "Marquee Moon", "Prove It", and "Torn Curtain"), keyboards, lead vocals, production

Marquee Moon is the debut album by American rock band Television. It was released on February 8, 1977, by Elektra Records. In the years leading up to the album, Television had become a prominent act on the New York music scene and generated interest from a number of record labels, eventually signing a record deal with Elektra. The group rehearsed extensively in preparation for Marquee Moon before recording it at A & R Recording in September 1976. It was produced by the band's frontman Tom Verlaine and sound engineer Andy Johns.

Television are an American rock band from New York City, most notably active in the 1970s. The group was founded by Tom Verlaine, Richard Lloyd, Billy Ficca, and Richard Hell. An early fixture of CBGB and the 1970s New York rock scene, the band is considered influential in the development of punk and alternative music.

Television Band Members / Musicians

Tom Verlaine – vocals, guitar, keyboards (1973–present)
Billy Ficca – drums (1973–present)
Fred Smith – bass, vocals (1975–present)
Jimmy Rip – guitar (2007–present)
Richard Lloyd – guitar, vocals (1973–2007)
Richard Hell – vocals, bass (1973–1975)

Television Discography Full

Studio Albums
Marquee Moon (1977)
Adventure (1978)
Television (1992)

Live Albums
The Blow-Up (1982)
Live at the Academy, 1992 (2003)
Live at the Old Waldorf (2003)

Compilation Albums
The Best of Television & Tom Verlaine (1998)

"Little Johnny Jewel, Part One" b/w "Little Johnny Jewel, Part Two" (1975)

"Marquee Moon Part 1" b/w "Marquee Moon Part 2" (1977)

"Marquee Moon (Stereo)" b/w "Marquee Moon (Mono)" (1977)

"Prove It" b/w "Venus" (1977)

"Foxhole" b/w "Careful" (1978)

"Glory" b/w "Carried Away" (1978)

"Ain't That Nothin'" b/w "Glory" (1978)

"Call Mr. Lee" (1992)

The Blank Generation (1976)
CBGB (2013)

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