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Venom - At War with Satan (1984)

Venom - At War with Satan (1984)

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Venom - At War with Satan

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Side A

1. "At War with Satan"   19:57

Side B

2. "Rip Ride"   3:09

3. "Genocide"   2:59

4. "Cry Wolf"   4:19

5. "Stand Up (And Be Counted)"   3:32

6. "Women, Leather and Hell"   3:21

7. "Aaaaaarrghh"   2:25

Total length:   39:45


Venom Band Members / Musicians

Cronos – bass guitar, vocals

Mantas – guitar

Abaddon – drums

All songs published by Power Metal Publishing/Neat Music Publishing

Arranged and produced by Venom

Engineered and mixed by Martin Smith and Keith Nichol

At War with Satan is the 3rd album by the extreme metal band Venom, released in April 1984. It is a concept album that tells the story of a war between Heaven and Hell which the latter side wins. It was touted as Venom's crossover into mainstream music, but failed to do so. Shortly after it went on sale, the HMV record chain withdrew the album from its shelves because of its anti-Christian content.

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