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Wire - Mind Hive (2020)

Wire - Mind Hive (2020)

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Wire - Mind Hive

"Be Like Them" – 3:51

"Cactused" – 3:35

"Primed and Ready" – 2:44

"Off the Beach" – 2:23

"Unrepentant" – 5:01

"Shadows" – 2:46

"Oklahoma" – 3:08

"Hung" – 7:54

"Humming" – 3:30

Wire Band Members / Musicians

Graham Lewis – bass guitar, backing vocals on "Be Like Them" and "Cactused", synthesizer on "Oklahoma", vocals on "Oklahoma" and "Humming"

Robert Grey – drums, cymbal on "Unrepentant"

Colin Newman – vocals, guitar; keyboards; acoustic guitar on "Be Like Them", "Off the Beach", "Unrepentant", and "Shadows"; 12-string acoustic guitar on "Off the Beach" and "Unrepentant"; effects on "Hung"; stylophone on "Hung"; tenor guitar on "Be Like Them" and "Unrepentant"

Matthew Simms – guitar; synths on "Be Like Them", "Primed and Ready", "Unrepentant", "Oklahoma", and "Hung"; effects on "Hung"; organ on "Humming"

Sean Douglas – organ on "Humming"

Harald Pettersson – hurdy gurdy on "Oklahoma"

Skye Mastering – mastering

Mind Hive is the 17th studio album from English art punk band Wire, released on 24 January 2020. The release was preceded by a music video for "Cactused" made up of clips from the forthcoming documentary People in a Film and streaming audio for "Primed and Ready". They also announced a brief tour of North America to promote the recording.

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