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Brainstorm (Latvian Band) - Online (2001)

Brainstorm (Latvian Band) - Online (2001)

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Brainstorm (Latvian Band) - Online

1. "It Is Easy"   4:17

2. "Online"   4:37

3. "Maybe"   4:12

4. "She's My Love"   3:11

5. "Waterfall"   4:24

6. "Space Detective Story"   3:40

7. "Hide of the Moon"   3:59

8. "The Kitten Who Didn't Want To Give Up"   3:01

9. "Heart's Desire"   4:18

10. "Babynight"   3:59

11. "My Mission"   4:44

Brainstorm Band Members / Musicians

Renārs Kaupers - vocals, guitar

Jānis Jubalts - guitar

Kaspars Roga - drums

Gundars Maudevics - bass

Maris Mihelsons - keyboards

Online is the 2nd English-language international studio album by the Latvian rock band Brainstorm was released on September 10, 2001 on the Microphone Records. The album was also produced by Tony Mansfield, a former member of New Musik and the record was also made in the United Kingdom. The album was also released in the Latvian version as Kākens, kūrs, atteciās, no jūrasskolas" in the same year. The singles including "Online", "Maybe" and Waterfall, earned the attention, but not only in Latvia and also in Eastern Europe, Central Europe and Poland when the album was give the certification status as gold. It also sold over between 35,000 copies and later surpassed over 80,000 copies.

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