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Burrito Deluxe - Disciples of the Truth (2007)

Burrito Deluxe - Disciples of the Truth (2007)

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Burrito Deluxe - Disciples of the Truth

"Out of the Wilderness" 4:24

"Sun Will Rise" 4:17

"Front Row Seats to Heaven" 3:19

"Disciples of the Truth" 3:57

"Wichita" 3:55

"On a Roll" 3:37

"When the Summer's Over" 4:43

"Encino" 3:31

"When It Comes Down on You" 4:12

"Wrong Side of Town" 4:12

"Midnight at a Red Light" 4:00

"Who's Gonna Love You" 5:57


Burrito Deluxe Band Members / Musicians

Carlton Moody - banjo, guitar, mandolin, vocals

Walter Egan - guitar, vocals

Richard Bell - keyboards

Jeff "Stick" Davis - bass

Bryan Owings - drums

Sneaky Pete Kleinow - pedal steel guitar

Cindy Cashdollar, Mike Daly, Al Perkins - pedal steel, dobro

Daniel Dugmore - pedal steel, banjo

Barry "Byrd" Burton, Richard Ferreira - guitars

Craig Krampf, Rick Lonow - percussion

Joy Lynn White, Rick Schell, Blue Miller - background vocals

Disciples of the Truth is the 3rd album released by Burrito Deluxe, issued in 2007.

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