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Burrito Deluxe - The Whole Enchilada (2004)

Burrito Deluxe - The Whole Enchilada (2004)

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Burrito Deluxe - The Whole Enchilada

"You Got Gold" 4:36

"The Letter" 2:51

"Woman Like You" 3:56

"Sister" 3:19

"Ezekial's Wheel" 2:33

"Zydeco Ball" 3:02

"Everywhere I Go" 3:18

"All I Had Left (Left With You)" 3:24

"Memphis Money" 3:44

"Way Back In The Mountains" 3:15

"Baton Rouge" 3:00

"The Last Letter home" 3:59

"Rex Bob Lowenstein" 7:22

"Good Night" 3:20

Burrito Deluxe Band Members / Musicians

Carlton Moody - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

"Sneaky" Pete Kleinow - Pedal Steel

Garth Hudson - Accordion, Hammond Organ, Piano, Synthesizer

Jeff "Stick" Davis - Bass

Rick Lonow - Drums

Jason Lehning - Engineer

The Whole Enchilada is the 2nd release by Burrito Deluxe. Following the release of their first album, Tommy Spurlock and Willie Watson departed and the band assembled a touring lineup that added Jeff "Stick" Davis on bass and Garth Hudson of The Band on keyboards.

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