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Jon Anderson - Animation (1982)

Jon Anderson - Animation (1982)

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Jon Anderson - Animation

Side One

"Olympia" (4:58)

"Animation" (9:07)

"Surrender" (3:53)

"All in a Matter of Time" (3:06)

Side Two

"Unlearning (The Dividing Line)" (4:56)

"Boundaries" (3:20)

"Pressure Point" (3:20)

"Much Better Reason" (4:27)

"All Gods Children" (4:25)

Bonus tracks

"The Spell" (previously unreleased) (11:40)

"Spider" (B-side of the Atlantic 7" single issue of "Surrender") (2:51)

Jon Anderson Band Members / Musicians

Jon Anderson – vocals, acoustic guitar

Clem Clempson – guitars

Stefano Cerri – electric bass guitar

Chris Rainbow – vocals

David Sancious – keyboards

Simon Phillips – drums and percussion

Dave Lawson: keyboards

Ronnie Leahy: keyboards

Blue Weaver: keyboards

Delmay String Quartet: strings

Billy Kristian: guitar

John Giblin: bass guitar

Jack Bruce: bass guitar

Ian Wallace: drums

Brother James: percussion

Morris Pert: percussion

Brazil Idiots: Brazilian percussion

Animation is the 3rd solo album by Jon Anderson, a founder-member and former lead singer of Yes. It was released in 1982.

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