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Jon Anderson - Olias of Sunhillow (1976)

Jon Anderson - Olias of Sunhillow (1976)

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Jon Anderson - Olias of Sunhillow

Side one
1. "Ocean Song"   3:12
2. "Meeting (Garden of Geda)"/"Sound Out the Galleon"   3:28
3. "Dance of Ranyart"/"Olias (To Build the Moorglade)"   4:14
4. "Qoquaq Ën Transic"/"Naon"/"Transic Tö"   7:03
5. "Flight of the Moorglade"   3:22

Side two
1. "Solid Space"   5:16
2. "Moon Ra"/"Chords"/"Song of Search"   12:48
3. "To the Runner"   4:26

Jon Anderson Band Members / Musicians

Jon Anderson – lead and backing vocals, keyboards (Minimoog synthesizer, Korg miniKORGs Mk 1 & 2 synthesizers, Farfisa electric organ, Rhodes 66 electric piano, double manual Mellotron, Beaconsfield church organ, Baldwin baby grand piano, Freeman String Symphonizer), guitars (Martin & Gibson acoustic guitars, Gibson Melody Maker electric guitar) bass Höfner violin bass guitar), Gibson mandocello, sitar, tampuri, bouzouki, saz, Irish harp, thumb piano, assorted African wooden flutes, drums (large brass band drum, brass band snare drums, Caribbean long drums, assorted Navajo drums, African skin drums, tabla), percussion (Ludwig wood blocks, tambourine, triangle, custom-built cymbal tree, assorted cymbals and gongs), tuned percussion (marimba, glockenspiel, toy xylophone), bells (Chinese bells, African cowbells, Tibetan bells)

Olias of Sunhillow is the 1st studio album by English singer-songwriter and musician Jon Anderson, released in July 1976 on Atlantic Records. It is a concept album entirely written and performed by Anderson, telling the story of an alien race and their journey to a new world following a volcanic catastrophe on their home planet. The album merges the progressive rock music which Anderson was known for at the time with psychedelic folk, experimental electronics and an early version of world music.

John Roy Anderson (born 25 October 1944), known professionally as Jon Anderson, is an English-American singer and songwriter best known as the former lead singer of the progressive rock band Yes, which he formed in 1968 with bassist Chris Squire. He was a member of the band across three tenures until 2008. Anderson was also a member of Yes Featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman.

Jon Anderson Discography Full
Olias of Sunhillow (1976)
Song of Seven (1980)
Animation (1982)
3 Ships (1985)
In the City of Angels (1988)
Deseo (1994)
Change We Must (1994)
Angels Embrace (1995)
Toltec (1996)
Lost Tapes of Opio (1996)
The Promise Ring (1997)
Earth Mother Earth (1997)
The More You Know (1998)
Survival & Other Stories (2011)
1000 Hands: Chapter One (2019)

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