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Jon Anderson - The Promise Ring (1997)

Jon Anderson - The Promise Ring (1997)

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Jon Anderson - The Promise Ring

"Born To Dance" (3:57)

"Flowers of the Morning" (4:17)

"Timing of the Known" (5:31)

"True Life Song" (4:18)

"Are You?" (3:46)

"My Sweet Jane" (3:35)

"True Hands of Fate" (5:20)

"The Promise Ring" (5:30)

"O'er" (3:02)

Jon Anderson Band Members / Musicians

Jon Anderson - vocals, lyrics and melodies

Jane Luttenberger Anderson - duet vocals

The Froggin' Peach Orchestra:

Brooks Hill: Guitars, Orchestra Leader

Paul Beeler: Guitar

Paul Welch: Guitar

Karen Peterson: Guitar, Flute, Orchestration

Christine Dewees: Guitar

Julie Cooper: Fiddle

Marlene Beeles: Fiddle

Gary Atkinson: Fiddle

Mary McCluskey: Fiddle, Dulcimer on "O'er"

Chris Scott: Flute

Mikey Green: Flute

Dreima Barker: Pennywhistle

Dave Dewees: Pennywhistle, Mandolin

Inga Swearingen: Spoons

Adam Hunter: Bodhrán

Charlie Perryess: Upright Bass

Bruce Powers: Dulcimer

Laura Cooper: Keyboards

Marty Lau: Drums

Tim Costa: Percussion

Dave Lewicki: Mandolin

Miles Clark: Mandolin

Jonas Richardson: Mandolin

Peter Richardson: Mandolin

Peter Morin: Mandolin

Cathy Harvey: Keyboards

Alan Dick: Violin

Dan the Mystic: Storyteller

John Bartelt: Guitar on "My Sweet Jane"

The Promise Ring (subtitled "Songs of New Eireland") is the 11th solo album by Yes lead singer Jon Anderson, released in June 1997 on the OM Town label.

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