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Nits - The Nits (1978)

Nits - The Nits (1978)

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Nits - The Nits
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Nits (known until 1989 as The Nits) are a Dutch pop group founded in 1974. Their musical style has varied considerably over the years, as has their line-up with the core of Henk Hofstede (the group's lead singer and lyricist), Rob Kloet, drummer, and Robert Jan Stips (Supersister, Gruppo Sportivo, Golden Earring), keyboards.

Nits Band Members / Musicians

Henk Hofstede (main vocalist, guitar, some keyboards) - 1974 to present

Rob Kloet (drums and percussion) - 1974 to present

Alex Roelofs (bass, backing vocals) - 1974-81

Michiel Peters (guitar, backing and some lead vocals) - 1974-85

Robert Jan Stips (keyboards, backing and occasional lead vocals) - 1983-96, 2003 to present

Joke Geraets (bass, guitar, some backing vocals) - 1986-91 (but inactive after 1989 due to illness)

Pieter Meuris (violin) - 1991-6

Martin Bakker (bass) - 1991-6

Arwen Linnemann (bass) - 1998-2000

Laetitia van Krieken (keyboards) - 1998-2004

Nits Discography Full

The Nits (1978)

Tent (1979)

New Flat (1980)

Work (1981)

Omsk (1983)

Kilo (1983) (mini LP)

Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof (1984)

Henk (1986)

In the Dutch Mountains (1987)

Hat (1988) (mini LP)

Urk (1989) (triple LP, double CD live album)

Giant Normal Dwarf (1990)

Hjuvi - A Rhapsody in Time (1992) (with the Netherlands Radio Symphony Orchestra)

Ting (1992)

dA dA dA (1994)

Dankzij de Dijken (1995) (as FRITS, together with Freek de Jonge, in Dutch)

Nest (1995) (compilation album; limited edition box set version included a CD of B-sides and rarities, entitled Quest, and a VHS compilation of Nits music videos, entitled Vest)

In Concert (1996) (Radio Netherlands promotional release, recorded live in Brussels and Utrecht; features brief interview segments with Henk Hofstede, in English, corresponding to each track; insert includes a transcription of the interview segments, as well as French and Spanish translations)

Alankomaat (1998)

Hits (2000) (compilation album)

Wool (2000)

1974 (2003)

Les Nuits (2005)

Doing the Dishes (2008)

Strawberry Wood (2009)

Malpensa (2012)

NITS? (2014) (triple CD compilation album)

Hotel Europa (2015) (double CD live album)
angst (2017)

The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music (2018) (double CD compilation album singles A & B-sides)

Knot (2019)

All of the group's albums have been re-issued on CD, except for their debut. In a 2017 interview, Hofstede indicated that their first recording would eventually be re-issued, however, "the problem is it's in somebody else's hands so there are difficulties. Until now we didn't feel it was that important but of course one day it will be there again. It's old stuff but it is part of our history."

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