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Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic Shift (1993)

Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic Shift (1993)

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Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic Shift

"Sunhair" (Ozric Tentacles) - 5:43

"Stretchy" (Ed Wynne / Joie Hinton) - 6:51

"Feng Shui" (Ozric Tentacles) - 10:24

"Half Light in Thillai" (Ed Wynne) - 5:35

"Jurassic Shift" (Ozric Tentacles) - 11:05

"Pteranodon" (Ozric Tentacles) - 5:40

"Train Oasis" (Ed Wynne) - 2:45

"Vita Voom" (Ozric Tentacles) - 4:48

"Feng Shui" [Live, included on re-release] (Ozric Tentacles) - 10:55

Ozric Tentacles Band Members / Musicians

Ed Wynne: Guitars, Koto, Keyboards

Joie Hinton: Keyboards, Samples, Atmospheres

Mervin Pepler: Drums, Ethnic Percussion, Babble

John Egan: Flutes, Babble

Roly Wynne: Bass

Zia Geelani: Bass

Marcus C. Diess: Ethnic Percussion

Generator John: Tambourine

Jurassic Shift is the 4th studio album by English band Ozric Tentacles. It was first released in 1993 on the band's own label on Dovetail Records. In 1998 a re-release came from Snapper Music, with one additional track. The album was released yet again in 2004, this time paired with Erpland in Snapper Music's Recall 2CD series. 2008 saw a remastered two CD/DVD set with extra tracks and live performances, plus a 24-page booklet.

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