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Ozric Tentacles - Waterfall Cities (1999)

Ozric Tentacles - Waterfall Cities (1999)

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Ozric Tentacles - Waterfall Cities

"Coily" (Ozric Tentacles) – 7:19

"Xingu" (Wynne, Seaweed, Geelani) – 7:27

"Waterfall City" (Wynne) – 11:03

"Ch'ai?" (Wynne, Seaweed, Geelani) – 5:03

"Spiralmind" (Wynne, Ozric Tentacles, Geelani) – 11:41

"Sultana Detrii" (Ozric Tentacles) – 9:18

"Aura Borealis" (Wynne) – 5:40

Ozric Tentacles Band Members / Musicians

Ed Wynne – guitar, synthesizers

Seaweed (Christopher Lenox-Smith) – synthesizers

John Egan – flute

Zia Geelani – bass guitar

Rad (Conrad Prince) – drums

Waterfall Cities is the 8th studio album by the English band Ozric Tentacles. It was released in 1999 on Stretchy Records.

Like previous studio albums by the band, Waterfall Cities was recorded at guitarist Edward Wynne's home studio, The Mill, and features a cover by the artist Blim.

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