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Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material (1979)

Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material (1979)

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Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material

"Suspect Device" – 2:36
"State of Emergency" (Burns) – 2:29
"Here We Are Nowhere" (Henry Cluney) – 1:00
"Wasted Life" (Burns) – 3:10
"No More of That" (Cluney) – 2:04
"Barbed Wire Love" – 3:33
"White Noise" – 1:57
"Breakout" (Burns) – 3:04
"Law and Order" – 3:14
"Rough Trade" – 2:41
"Johnny Was" (Bob Marley) – 8:12
"Alternative Ulster" – 2:45
"Closed Groove" – 4:25

Stiff Little Fingers Band Members / Musicians
Jake Burns – vocals, guitar
Henry Cluney – guitar, vocals
Ali McMordie – bass, vocals
Brian Faloon – drums
Andy Kelly – bassoon (Alternative Ulster)

Geoff Travis – producer
Mayo Thompson – producer
Mike Kemp – engineer
Doug Bennett – producer
Ed Hollis – producer on "Alternative Ulster"

Inflammable Material is the debut album by the Northern Irish punk band Stiff Little Fingers, released in 1979. Most of the album's tracks are about the "Troubles" and the grim reality of life in Northern Ireland with the songs containing themes of teenage boredom, sectarian violence, RUC (police) oppression, etc., urging people to "grab it and change it, it's yours" in what became their signature song "Alternative Ulster". The song "Rough Trade" is about the band's view of the music business as being dishonest, but they have since claimed it is not about their record label which happens to have the same name.

Stiff Little Fingers are an Irish punk rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. They formed in 1977, at the height of the Troubles. They started out as a schoolboy band called Highway Star (named after the Deep Purple song), doing rock covers, until they discovered punk. After six years and four albums, they split up. They reformed five years later, in 1987. Despite major personnel changes, they are still touring and recording. In 2014, the band released their tenth studio album and a world tour followed its release. Jake Burns, their lead singer, is the only member to have been with the band during all its incarnations, but in March 2006, original bass guitarist Ali McMordie rejoined them following the departure of The Jam bass player Bruce Foxton after fifteen years.

Stiff Little Fingers Band Members / Musicians

Jake Burns - lead vocals, guitar (1977–1982, 1987–present)

Ali McMordie - bass (1977–1982, 1987–1991, 2006–present)

Ian McCallum - guitar (1993–present)

Steve Grantley - drums (1996–present)

Henry Cluney - guitar (1977–1982, 1987–1993)

Bruce Foxton - bass (1991–2006)

Brian Faloon - drums (1977–1979)

Jim Reilly - drums (1979–1981)

Dolphin Taylor - drums (1981–1982, 1987–1996)

Stiff Little Fingers Discography Full

Studio albums
Inflammable Material (1979), (UK No. 14)
Nobody's Heroes (1980), (UK No. 8)
Go for It (1981), (UK No. 14)
Now Then... (1982), (UK No. 24)
Flags and Emblems (1991)
Get a Life (1994), (UK No. 89)
Tinderbox (1997)
Hope Street (1999)
Guitar and Drum (2003)
No Going Back (2014), (UK No. 1)[13]

Compilation albums
All the Best (1983), (UK No. 19)
The Peel Sessions (1989)
Tin Soldiers (2000)
Anthology (2002)
The Radio One Sessions (2003)
Wasted Life (2007)
Assume Nothing, Question Everything: Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (2012)

Live albums
The Christmas Album (1979)
Broken Fingers/Live In Aberdeen (1979)
Hanx! (1980), (UK No. 9)
Live and Loud (1988)
No Sleep 'Til Belfast (1988)
Greatest Hits Live (1988)
See You Up There (1989)
Alternative Chartbusters (1991)
Fly The Flags (1991 )
BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert (1991)
B'S, Live, Unplugged & Demos (1995)
Handheld and Rigidly Digital Live (1999)
Pure Fingers Live - St Patrix 1993 (1999) (recorded live at Glasgow Barrowlands on 17 March 1993)
Fifteen and Counting... Live at the Barrowland 17th March 2006 (2006)
Live In Aberdeen 1979 (2007)
Best Served Loud (2016)
Rockers (2016)

Live On Rockpalast (1980)
See You Up There (1988)
Handheld and Rigidly Digital Live (1999)
Best Served Loud (2015)

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