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Calla - Calla (1999)

Calla - Calla (1999)

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"Tarentula" – 5:06

"Custom Car Crash" – 2:44

"June" – 4:54

"Only Drowning Men" – 8:01

"Elsewhere" – 5:33

"Truth About Robots" – 2:36

"Trinidad" – 3:16

"Keyes" – 3:52

"Awake and Under" – 3:53

Calla Band Members / Musicians

Sean Donovan – Bass, Keyboards, Programming, Engineer

Aurelio Valle – Guitar, Vocals

Calla is the self-titled 1st album of the New York-based indie rock band Calla.

Calla was formed in New York City in 1997 by Aurelio Valle (guitar, vocals), Sean Donovan (bass, keyboards, programming), and Wayne B. Magruder (percussion, programming). However, the band's origins can be traced to Texas in 1993, where Valle and Magruder began performing together in the Denton band The Factory Press. The band relocated to New York in 1995, recording The Smoky Ends of a Burnt out Day with producers Kid Congo Powers and Matt Verta-Ray. The group split in 1997 and the album was not released until early 1998, by which time Valle and Magruder were pursuing new musical ventures. 

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