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Grandaddy - Under the Western Freeway (1997)

Grandaddy - Under the Western Freeway (1997)

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1. "Nonphenomenal Lineage"   3:11

2. "A.M. 180"   3:20

3. "Collective Dreamwish of Upperclass Elegance"   5:26

4. "Summer Here Kids"   3:35

5. "Laughing Stock"   6:00

6. "Under the Western Freeway"   3:01

7. "Everything Beautiful Is Far Away"   5:13

8. "Poisoned at Hartsy Thai Food"   1:13

9. "Go Progress Chrome"   2:31

10. "Why Took Your Advice"   4:07

11. "Lawn and So On" (The song "Lawn and So On" ends at 2:20. After 1 minute and 45 seconds of silence, at minute 4:05 begins an untitled hidden track: it's the singing of crickets.)   9:05

Japanese version bonus tracks
1. "Levitz (Birdless)"   4:22
2. "My Small Love"   1:21
3. "G.P.C."   1:43
4. "12-Pak-599"   3:56

Under the Western Freeway is the debut studio album by American indie rock band Grandaddy. It was released on October 21, 1997 by record label Will.

Grandaddy is an American indie rock band from Modesto, California. The group was formed in 1992, and featured Jason Lytle, Aaron Burtch, Jim Fairchild, Kevin Garcia and Tim Dryden, until Garcia's death in 2017 following a stroke.

After several self-released records and cassettes, the band signed to Will Records in the US and later the V2 Records subsidiary Big Cat Records in the UK, going on to sign an exclusive deal with V2. The bulk of the band's recorded output was the work of Lytle, who worked primarily in home studios.

Grandaddy released four studio albums before splitting in 2006, with band members going on to solo careers and other projects. Grandaddy reformed in 2012, made a number of live appearances and released its fifth studio album, Last Place, in March 2017.

Grandaddy Discography Full
Under the Western Freeway (1997)
The Sophtware Slump (2000)
Sumday (2003)
Just Like the Fambly Cat (2006)
Last Place (2017)

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